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  • NCReviewer - A wonderful movie about The End

    A wonderful movie about The End, but with a ray of hope. In the league of Deep Impact, San Andreas, Battleship. Great action, very professionally produced, well acted. You can watch this over and over again, and still see new things.

  • Gregory Smee - Finale 2014 a waste of money unless you are buying "bugs"

    I don't know where to begin relating the number of "bugs" in 2014 Finale. I do composing and arranging, mostly jazz, and have been using finale for about 12 years. At first, I thought it was just me until I started checking the reviews, but this is by far the worst of the Finale programs. The program will not recognize a Cm7 chord symbol from a C7! The parts of the program that are meant to save you time are pretty much useless. Until I go back over a section and check the harmonies and make corrections, it's actually quicker for me to just do everything myself and enter it note by note. The playback cursor is almost always off beat, can't sync for film scoring. Trying to the Garritan sounds is a joke. I had a special computer built (Windows) with 16G of RAM just to handle the Garritan Library, plus a top of the line Sound Card. The Garritan sounds are not even close.

  • Tiffany Wilkins - I was disappointed with product

    I was disappointed with product. I followed the directions and I don't feel any different than before. It actually decreased my bowel movements. I know everyone is different in how they react to these type of things but I expected more of an effect.

  • Just a regular guy - Works for me

    Used for about two years. Seems to work for me. I could just be lucky and my hair loss would have slowed down anyway. However over the past two years my hair loss has bee minimal. I don't use any drugs for my hair.

  • dogs - Intuit continues to degrade it products

    First - I had Rental property 2.0 - An Excellent and outstanding Product. Was forced to upgrade to Quicken Rental property 2010 under the promise that there was a full conversion. It only converted the name of the property and tenant names zero on the registry. It took a year and a half to running in parallel and duplicate entries of a manual accounting conversion. It forced me to upgrade windows 7 to windows pro so the rental property 2.0 could run (only works in XP mode). Quicken Rental property 2011 manager was a useless product with many flaws. I returned this for full credit. Oh- Intuit changed their statement on full conversion in the 2011 time frame to only referential data(what a joke it did not even convert the basic data of rental 2.0). I purchased Rental property Manger 2013 (Dec 2012 - waited until there were patches-learned this from TurboTax). Found that you need to run personal ,investments all as separate files - if you put together in common file it forgets how to do accounting. The investment portion can not seems to adjust correctly brokerage activities and creates placeholders even after you have every thing balanced with the online accounts. The rental took a while to adjust to and has problems on split transactions of a deposits of multiple rental checks on a deposit. It can not match the splits with the rental center. The quality control on intuit products has fallen since 2010 on most of the desktop software. I will not use the mobile app of little value as I have no use for and the track record of intuit poorly introducing new features. Banking updates fail for at the intuit servers and you can not update the problem is not at the banking institution. You have to deactivate and reactivate to get it working. When you reactivate and get a new download it creates duplicate transaction as it does not check or match for existing transactions . There are many other problems but the thought to leave you with is that it took from 2010 to 2013 to transition off an excellent product to one that is vastly inferior and continues to degrade.

  • Logan Jensen - Best VR experience for the money and most comfortable

    This headset is just awesome! I wont bother saying to much as far as what it can do because most reviewers say all of the things you would need to know. I will mention a few personal things I like however. Its incredibly light! As an owner of both Oculus and Vive, this is hands down, the most comfortable headset out of all of them. I love the cinema mode. My GF can take the TV to play Xbox, and I can put on my headset and watch/play my PlayStation OR (A lot of people don't know this) You can plug in another HDMI signal into the processor box and get a cinema mode for anything plugged into that. I tried the Xbox 360 and it worked.

  • Henry T. Burks - Why I rated

    Given my experiences, I would take a long hard look before buying additional AVG products. While the Software come highly rated, if you cannot install it, it is useless. In addition, If they can't install software they should at least refund all or some of the installation fees charged, for services they have not delivered.