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  • captive_audience - It's a 21st century binder for a 21st century life

    As a woman, if I were to make a cute and wacky decision to go become a worker (I'm just the peppy kind of gal who'd do that kind of thing for kicks), I'd like to be in THIS binder for consideration. Maybe a wise but open-minded white male would allow me to use a typewriter, lick stamps, or make coffee for him. With some training, I'll bet I could handle a multiple line push-button phone. Just as long as he'll let me leave in time to make dinner for someone at home!

  • Kush-Kush - Princereigns surpassed my expectations

    I recommend Princereigns for women. It worked within a week, healing my bumps and blisters from shaving - without drying my skin. The hair grew back straight rather than curling. I had used Bump Patrol, which is about one third the price, but it dried my skin, causing peeling and took weeks to notice any difference. Tend Skin didn't work at all for me, Bikini Zone was a joke and complete waste of my money. Princereigns costs a bundle but it lasts forever.

  • Leia709 - Great on a lot of foods like salad, vegetables, and fish

    I love Pace and it's great I can buy it in bulk. I use it on a lot of things not just chips... like salad, steamed vegetables like corn, and fish fish (mostly tilapia). It's also not TOO spicy but not too mild. Pace makes a really great mango salsa, which works great on other fish like salmon, but they don't sell a bulk version and it's generally not as cheap as this one.

  • Cody - but it does smell really good, seems gentle on her hair

    My fiance loves this stuff. At first the price seemed ridiculous, but it does smell really good, seems gentle on her hair, and one bottle lasted almost a whole year. I would give it five stars but it really ought to have a conditioner in the same scent to go with it.