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  • Helpful Ways to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction (You've got Question, I've Answer) - Erectile dysfunction not only affects a man physically, but also makes him feel ashamed and lowers his confidence level. This embarrassing sexual disorder has an impact on his social life as well. Men suffering with erectile dysfunction are able to maintain erections only for short period of time and sometimes...
  • Super P Force A Double Strength Pill For Men (You've got Question, I've Answer) - Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are the two most common sexual disorders that men experience. Premature ejaculation (PE) is a condition wherein a man ejaculates earlier than he or his partner would have liked him to. Erectile dysfunction, on the other hand, is a condition in which a main is...

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  • Vaughn Hopkins - Superb, suspenseful page turner!

    Absolutely superb, suspenseful, and a page turner! I sat down and read about 3/4 of this book in one sitting, without even noticing the passage of time. One of the best books I have read in the past 5 years. I can think of nothing that was off in this book. I know I will end up reading every Scott Pratt book in existence before I'm done with this great author.

  • JimmyJam - Makes home trimming a snap!!! You can now do what use to take a barber!!!

    Excellent tool that does just what it says. So simple but yet makes beard trimming so much easier. I can line up with the numbers and trim myself with confidence. The tool is lightweight and does not hinder in any way making trimming easier and quicker to do myself. Only issue is that my baber may be unhappy now that I will not need to pop in every few weeks to line and trim!! The savings of one barber visit more than cover the cost and makes this a free sample!!!

  • Bryan - Good light, low heat

    Light is a red spectrum that produces very little heat. Been running it and no burn outs on the leds after a few months. I'm buying another one in a few months.

  • Kelvin - It's ok

    It worked well for the most part, when it came to skin and hair . I would say it had a reverse effect, when it came to my joints, it caused swelling and a bit of pain to my knees , once I stoped taking it , the swelling and pain were gone .

  • Joosby C. - upgrade on performance vs n66u, ac66u---But - Updated vs r7000

    10/11/13 UPDATE : Received router on 10/8 and review was written with 1st day experiences, I ranked it a 5 star purchase at the time. I'll leave that review intact as a basis of the overall experience but will add a brief update first and my score is going to go down based off of that. since first day, I have started to notice diminished performance that gets alleviated with reboots, obviously not ideal though. Others are reporting degrading signal strength over time on the 5ghz band too. It feels like a fw update could fix it but it's a lot to pay for a hope and a prayer. This sent me to test out the r7000 so today I tried out the netgear r7000 to compare/contrast. tested via ipad4 and iphone 5s at distances of ~40 feet, ~65 feet, and ~85 feet all on the 5ghz band. In general, the ac68u was 10-20 mbps faster then the r7000 on downstream, at times a few mbps faster on the uploads. at the furthest distance, the ac68u was upwards of 30mbps better although i'll note, the iphone 5s connection at that distance was fairly sporadic for both routers. At times could get decent speeds, at times couldn't get connected so I went to the 2.4 band on the 5s and on average kept a decent connection but not great and the ac68u frankly had a pronounced speed advantage on the 2.4 band here. Not all roses hence why I have dinged the router a star though. On average, the r7000 was noticeably more consistent with its speeds at each distance while the ac68u had wilder fluctuations in either direction. 20mbps better on one reading, 40 worse on another. In my rankings, I tried to show what they got on the high end of results but the ac68u definitely had moments well below as well. It was easier to assess what the r7000 was going to give me, it typically differed in results by 3-5 mbps. At this point I'm torn, not sure what to do. On one hand, the ac68u is giving me better speeds at longer distances, something anyone would want. On the other hand, the signal may be degrading over time and the speeds are not as consistent as the r7000(frankly, these issues may be related). With the netgear, it seemed more reliable and while the speeds are not as high as the ac68u, its still more then good enuf and close enuf to the ac68u. But conversely, it doesn't give me the range I wanted that had me upgrading in the first place. I may sit on this for a few days and pray a asus fw is coming within that time. Either way, I've dropped 1 star and not 2 mainly because while its not the hero I once thought it was, at its diminished moments, its still better then what I got out of the rt-n66u, the router that the following review will tell you, was my previous champ over the ac66u.

  • JuniperTree - Nice pepper grinder/salt shaker combo!

    This was the first automated pepper grinder/salt shaker combination tool I've ordered - previous to this, I had a hand grinder/shaker which was okay. I love the concept of fresh ground pepper, however sometimes the kernals would get stuck on the manual grinder and would make the grinder difficult to use. Not so with the automated pepper grinder/salt shaker! It works very smoothly and doesn't get stuck. I also really appreciate the adjustable grinder mechanism that comes with the tool - I like larger, coarser grinds whereas my husband prefers the smaller grinds. Having the choice is very helpful.


    This book is not for the casual reader. It is a slow read and I have not finished it. In fact, I will need to read it again to comrehend all Tom Horn is trying to open to us. It reveals history and connects the dots to behind the scenes current events that boggle the mind. I cannot wait to finish it and then start over.