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  • Kindle Customer - Bohemian material is rougher!! But car seat is a great investment.

    DO NOT get the bohemian material. I've had the plain and the bohemian and the plain natural color sections of the bohemian are indeed roughly textured compared directly to the other one, when brand new. I haven't washed it to see if it makes a difference. The striped parts of the bohemian are much softer (the parts where your child may rest their face when sleeping) than the body. The look of it reminds me generally of a retro couch, in a good way!

  • Emily Kooser - Quite a hassle to use but texture of my hair did improve, but no shine

    I heard this was a miracle product, so I went in with high hopes. Though I see noticeable improvement in the texture of my hair (it had been bleached blonde for summer), it is still not shiny. Also, this is very time consuming. It's a solid, and to get it to dissolve into the hair you have to dry it with a dryer for 5 minutes (as per the instructions). I think that is quite a hassle and most people dont have that kind of time. The smell isn't as bothersome as I predicted, but it is strong and it is is hard to wash out, so you have to put on dry hair, dry with a dryer for 5 minutes, leave on for 15-20 to overnight, then wash and condition again. I'd definitely be happier with something easier to use, but I"m happy that my texture is more improved than with other conditioners I've tried. Anyone know of a product that comes through with shine?