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  • Treppide valmistamine ja paigaldus - Treppide valmistamine ja paigaldamine üle Eesti. Carpenter trepid on kvaliteetsed ja valmistatud peamiselt täispuidust. Tutvu treppidega ja võta ühendust
  • Puituksed otse tootjalt, tutvu meie puituste mudelitega - Tellides puituksed Carpenterist saad kõrgkvaliteedilise ukse, mis peab ajale vastu ning on oluemuselt stiilne. Tutvu ustega ning võta ühendust juba täna
  • Puitmööbel - Meie puitmööbel valmib eritellimusel. Valmistame puitmööbli vastavalt sinu soovidele ehk sinult idee meilt lahendus. Vaata tehtud töid ja võta ühendust
  • Mööbli valmistamine - trepid, uksed, puitmööbel - Mööbli valmistamine üle Euroopa. Valmistame täispuidust kvaliteetset mööblid, treppe ja uksi. Vaata meie tehtud töid ja võta ühendust.
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  • Carpenter OÜ puidust uksed, trepid ja puitmööbel - Carpenter OÜ toodab kvaliteetseid uksi, treppe ja mööblit täispuidust. Tutvu meie teenuste ja toodetega ning võta meiega ühendust juba täna.

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    City: 26 , Estonia

  • Jessica Weissman - Just do it - in fairness to your heirs

    Willmaker has been THE tool for creating a straightforward will electronically for a couple of decades, and deservedly so. Whatever you think of Nolo's business model, the tool itself works well for creating a complete and sound will. You can also produce other vital documents like health care power of attorney, financial power of attorney, and so on.

  • Jaime Aguillon - 2014 F150 King Ranch 5.0 V8

    Overall great sound, Gas improvement from 14 mpg to 17mpg city. Shaved off about 1 second from my 0-60.

  • Wet Mars - A slow motor scam!

    This "shaver" is a joke. The motor is intentionally made slower than the other shavers. It does not do the job and pulls hair right from the very beginning while brand new. Also NORELCO now pulls a scam where they never indicate on any of their shavers whether they got a beard trimmed in the back of the shaver. There is no way to look that feature up until you purchase the shaver. I bought this one expecting it to have a beard trimmer on the back, but it does not! Beware. I do not see a reason why make a shaver motor slower than other shavers. I used the head on my faster shaver and threw this one away. Avoid. I'm now buying shavers from another manufacturer online, not the ones that are available in stores. The ones who gave it 5 stars must be Norelco employees.

  • PS56k - Great book - I didn't know anything about the trip

    Great book - I didn't know anything about the trip. After I started reading, I became more aware of the story, and was trying to figure out or guess how they were going to end up and where. In fact, there was a guest speaker at our local library with her book on the subject. Since I hadn't finished this book yet, I was "ruined" by finding out how the saga ends... I'll have to go back and pick up and finish reading it sometime.

  • Jran, of Everett Wash - An amendment to my original review of this tablet

    Last week I had listed that this tablet didn't work and didn't play Netflix videos, and I stated not to buy this item. My bad as I hadn't installed the Netflix App. to play Netflix in the tablet. Once the appl. was installed the movies played like a breeze. This tablet takes getting used to as it isn't as touch responsive as I'd like it to be, but I think it can be a secondary pad that I can let my grandson play with and not be concerned when it breaks, as I've ordered a more expensive pad for my personal use. The downside to this tablet is that it says it has 8G of memory but all I see is 1g for storage, as I've downloaded 286mb of appls and it says it has 662mb of space left . This is a big dissapointment, and you'll need to buy a memory card asap. The battery charger has a short oord ,but I can buy an extension cord. All in all it's an ok tablet. You get what you pay for.

  • Todd - Great Product For Those Interested in Learning Lead, Rythym or Bass Guitar At Any Level!!!

    Exactly what I ordered and functions perfectly with my Epiphone Les Paul guitar or any other electric guitar. This game will teach you how to play lead, rhythm or bass guitar based off of what you choose. I have had no issues with the cable. Inside the box there is a recommendation on using a sound system or headphones instead of the TV speakers. I have not had any issues with my PS3 and HDMI cable plugged right into my TV.