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  • Chris - Excellent Product.

    Excellent way to get POE out of a non POE camera. Working great for over a week so far. I was upset when I realized there was no POE version of the Amcrest 1080p IP cam. This solves that problem!

  • Kathryn - SOFT SOFT SOFT!

    Oh my is this towel soft! I am actually using it in my bathroom as a hand towel, because I like it so much I don't want to ruin it taking it to the gym. It would be fine for the gym, of course, but I have other, lesser towels that I take there, because it doesn't matter when I screw em up. I like this towel, so it stays home where I can use it often to dry my hands. I got the smaller size, but I would like a few of the larger sized towels as well. They are very good quality, good stitching around the perimeter, and the fabric is very pleasant. Its velvety soft and thicker than the microfiber towels I normally use at the gym. It also seems quite a bit more absorbent. The microfiber towels seem to get saturated very quickly and then are difficult to wring out with any success. This towel doesn't do that, which makes it better.

  • jford40 - My 9 year old daughter loves it - Great Camera too!

    I picked this up for my daughter who will be 10 in a few months. I actually thought it was going to be too childish for her, but I have been pleasantly surprised. It is a bit larger than a normal watch, but not overbearing on a child's wrist. She was able to set it up by herself and dive into using it right away. The camera takes pretty crisp video and pictures, although it would have to be worn upside down for the user to take a picture of themself. The games on it are a bit childish for her age, but I knew that going in. I gave it 4 stars because I wish there was a way for kids to be able to transfer the pictures and videos without a cable (because this will get lost with some children) - maybe a micro sd card? Overall I am impressed, and think that my daughter will get good use out of this for awhile

  • Swiss Engineer - Very Satisfied with the NR-240A

    I am not a plumber. I am an engineer and very handy around the house. I installed a Navien NR-240A in September 2011. So far the unit has run flawlessly (Jan 2013). The only issue i experienced is with the Condensate Neutralizer which is an accessory you purchase separately and add to the condensate output line to neutralize the acidity of the condensate. Somehow after 9 months of use, the condensate filter had a hard time keeping up with the condensate flow rate and had to be replaced ($75). I am at my second filter that i need to replace. But this part is independent of the tankless heater. Most people probably don't care that much and let the water with an acidic PH go down the drain.