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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Joseph Torraca - Customer Service Support

    Runs great until you need a help. I brought this software a year ago and it did its job. My accounts did not get hacked. I never had a my PC go down due to a virus. Its a great software until you have a problem. I brought a new computer and there was trouble with installing my Avast account. Decided to give the good folks at Avast a call. Long story short they wanted $175.00 dollars to uninstall the manufactures antivirus. I had the computer running for a total of 3 hours. They told me I had several viruses and malware that needed to be "fixed". I can only image if I did this with my old PC. I might of fell for it. Just a warning, do not let your guard down when talking to the techs in Costa Rica.

  • Attwell - good but no game change

    Decent but a bit dry. Waiting for double down to be released. Recommend but paced poorly and drags here and there.

  • Deborah iwanowiczzz - The only one for me

    This is the only mascara i will ever use. I have nice lashes and this one keeps them nice. Easy application and beautiful lashes. Does not move but easy to wash off. It doesn't make your lashes look to big and fake but it does have power. Just beautiful.

  • Mirko Clarke - Buy this album

    The album is easy to listen to all the way through. It's enjoyable and has substance. Cole delivers a solid album. My favorite tracks are fire squad and no role modelz. I highly recommend this album to any fans of hip-hop.

  • David McNeill - If your like me and like to learn things by video rather ...

    This software has made all my daily tasks 100 times easier. I was up and running within minutes of downloading this software. The user interface is so intuitive and so well thought out you will take to it straight away. You wont find yourself scrolling through lots of menus to get things done, unlike other programs I have tried.