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  • Jerry - Great value and quality product.

    Fit my 2016 highlander XLT perfectly and looks great. Very simple install. Took about 15 minutes. Durable steel crossbar construction. Highly recommend.

  • Toni A. - Doesn't fit

    I bought these to replace my existing drip pans because the 8 inch sized one doesn't sit properly in the hole. It sits above and wobbles around, also overlapping the 6 inch drip pan located behind it on the stove. These do the same thing. They are listed as being for my specific stove, so I'm not sure why the 8 inch is always too big, but in any regard I paid to get the same issue. At least they're easy to clean and don't show as much drip and grease.

  • Tyler Nelson - I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

    A few months ago my infant got RSV (he was 2 months old). It was obviously scary and I was taking him to the hospital every day to get his nose sucked out. When it got to the point that the nurse didn't have to stick a tube up his nose and to the back of his throat to get the mucous out, she was using something that looked exactly like this to get the mucous out that was now only in his nasal cavity. She recommended this product to me and told me I could basically do the same thing they're doing and get it out at home. At first the idea kind of freaked me out, but it cost us $70 every time we took him to the hospital to get sucked out. I figured it was at least worth a try, especially at a very reasonable price. When it arrived my husband and I tried it on ourselves first to see how it felt. It didn't hurt or suck too hard that it was uncomfortable. I would suggest strongly that you use saline along with it to loosen everything up and have an easier and more comfortable time getting it out. My little guy doesn't love it, but no child likes things sucked out of their nose. He didn't hate it anymore than the bulb syringe or nose frida. In fact, he now smiles at me after I'm done because he can breathe!! I know the nose frida is huge right now but this works so much better! I'm so happy my nurse told me about it and I wish more people knew about it so I'm trying to spread the word! This product is amazing!

  • michael jenning - A Conversion to Lucas Products

    When my 17-year-old Mercury began having power steering issues, I expected a huge repair bill. I am a 70-year-old Non-Car Guy, mechanically inept and suspicious of virtually every "additive." But a friend at the Peterson Automotive Museum in L.A. told me that Real-Car-Guys swear by Lucas products, so I tried two bottles of Power Steering Stop Leak, and lo, I no longer seem to have power steering issues. I'm amazed. It really works!

  • gparker - 2012 step by step workbook

    The book had writing in it--answers to questions were circled---large flowery handwriting in book---very disappointing--too late to send back as the test is very near--will have to really consider if I should use that vendor again