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  • A. Wapcaplet - Much too big. When they should a World Vision ...

    Much too big. When they show a World Vision commercial, the flies on the children's faces are the size of chihuahuas.

  • Alesha Erickson - Good product.

    Box was exactly as described for my 2011 Ram. Company was very easy going to deal with. I was nervous seeing as it was listed as being for "2002 and up", however, I can tell you it definitely fits in all quad cabs up until AT LEAST 2011.

  • Honest Opinion - I like the fact that there is no deodorizer so nothing ...

    Bought this to go in my AC closet. Is working as I have went from a noticeably musty smell to a faint musty smell. I like the fact that there is no deodorizer so nothing is being masked. I had only used the little tubs that had a perforated lid on top and a space in the borttom of the tub for the water to drain to. I could poor off the excess water and refill as needed. I could also gauge how much water was being collected. Unable to do that with this Hi-Capacity container as it has a non removable paper top (huge do not remove all over it lol) I can also not tell how much water has collected as does not appear to have space at the bottom for the drainage. This is more a place and forget container.

  • A. Davidson - The Booty Belt DOES NOT Disappoint

    The booty belt is an intense workout like I have never experienced before. I am an avid gym goer as well as spin enthusiast but was looking for an alternative workout to focus on my glutes.

  • Jim C Boehmer - I don't understand the purpose of one side being dull and the other sharp

    The knife feels very small in my hand. The handle is very slim. I don't understand the purpose of one side being dull and the other sharp. The release is easy to operate even with gloves. I also wish the glass breaker was more pronounced.