It Can't Just Be Me… - I have been living with depression for over 2 years and have decided to document as much as I can. This includes medication, memory loss, and the ugly truth about mental illness and managing depression

  • Is Citalopram Addictive – Citalopram Dosage | It Can't Just Be Me… - Is Citalopram addictive? this is a question I have asked myself several times and the simple answer is no. Citalopram itself isn't addictive BUT! Once you're on it, you can't just stop taking it.
  • Citalopram Side Effects – Citalopram Dose | It Can't Just Be Me… - Citalopram side effects, I've just had an appointment with my community mental health guy, he broke some news to me which I didn't want to hear. Citalopram side effects now include heart attack
  • Quotes On Depression and Quotes About Depression | It Can't Just Be Me… - Although depression is a serious illness, I have decided to publish some of my quotes on depression. I have been writing these down for the past 2 years, so please accept my apologies if you find these silly, ridiculous or just pathetic.

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