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  • Allen - Appropriate for Cleaning a Small Hardwood Closet

    The wet wipe [I do use the official Swiffer wipes] comes out dripping wet and dries out immediately after cleaning a little bit of hardwood flooring. I tried mopping my apartment's floors and had to go through three wet wipes before giving up. For real (moderate to dirty floors) cleaning the Swiffer is just not hefty enough to do the job. I would suggest buying a simple $20 mop, bucket, and soap setup instead. It'll last a lot longer and will take much less time than dealing with this wimpy "mop."

  • Comedy and Integrity Fan - It is a nice herb for short term anxiety and blood pressure relief ...

    This is a fairly good short term acting first aid behaving like herb for helping raise the threshold of anxiety and suppressing elevating blood pressure even excerbated by anxiety, though it's not near as high quality as any drug or remedy that it substitutes. Even though you have to take them all with dosage caution, and caution of instant to long term consequences per every individual.

  • masterbeeb - Ingenious solution to ink frustration... Well worth the investment!

    Just brought this baby home last week. My husband and I LOVE this printer! So happy that I won't have to deal with changing out ink for 2+ years. With the amount of pages we print, we'll probably be able to stretch this supertank of ink out for 3-4 years without refilling... which is AWESOME. Print quality is good - just what we need. Really happy that Epson came up with this ingenious solution to the hassle of changing out ink cartridges. Well worth the investment.