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    This product didn't work for me at all. I have medium thickness shoulder length straight hair. My two hair issues that I'm always trying to resolve are lack of volume and frizz. This product claimed to take care of both. It didn't. I followed directions to a T and have used this already a few times. No extra volume, no reduction in frizz. In fact, I think I've got more frizz with it. Regular "Extra-volume" shampoos and conditioners work much better. The only thing that's nice is that hair feels soft and light. But then again, it was pretty soft and light before. All in all - wasted money.

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    wow I never thought a product like this works i have been taking the pills for 2 months now I'm on my 3rd bottle so of course I have results that i love its true the only thing you have to worry about is buying a bigger pants size because i love it but now i can't fit into my favorite pants,this is a wonderful product that i will continue using until i am satisfied with my new boot it not only makes it round in the 3 week but noticably firm as well i went from a size 5'6 to an 8 and my thighs are also wider and more shaped I'm telling you girls this works just give it a change and u get what you pay for so I am extremly happy with the results you can also comment and leave your email if you would like me to tell you more details just try it.

  • njedpx3 - Good Norelco Shaver at a great price

    Nice inexpensive Norelco. Has a fixed head instead of a floating head. Must be disconnected from charging cord to use; no charging stand. just a charging cord.

  • Jonhayashi1 - AESOP FABLES is one beautiful pop-up book!!

    With this latest pop-up book the authors Chris Beatrice and Bruce Whatley have out done themselves in illustrating the classic Aesop Fables! Each story is breathtakingly illustrated with lush colour pictures and paper engineering by Kees Moerbeek! With the GOOSE THAT LAID THE GOLDEN EGG the surprises that the farmer and the wife find are well illustrated and presented with each turn of the pop-up page! And when the farmer has a look of concern over what his wife will do next as she decides to kill the goose to get all the eggs at once a flip of the page reveals the goose has been killed and the animals look sad at the loss! These smaller pop-ups reveal the full story while the large center piece shows the goose in full glory before her demise!

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    I had never seen this product before. It is sold only in the African American have product selection. My hair is so dry and unmanageable I happened to look there. It definitely paid off. After just the first application I noticed a difference. And after a month my hair is no longer dry, breaking off and is growing again due to not breaking off. By far the BEST hair product I've used. Even after using salon leave in conditioners and products, this bests it hands down.

  • AAJ77 - I'm on my second bottle

    I waited awhile to post this review because I wanted to make sure that the success I had with this product wasn't a fluke. It wasn't!