Health Products - Nature Fresh Health Products CC - Manufacturers of natural health products - economy calcium and magnesium supplements, olive leaf products, fluoride-free oral hygiene and hormone balancing.

  • About Us - NatureFresh Health Products CC - We developed the first fluoride-free oral hygiene products for supermarkets and health shops way back in 1996. Now we have a range of over 40 products.
  • Nature Fresh Disclaimer - Nature Fresh Products CC - We are in close contact with many doctors, homeopaths, naturopaths, pharmacists and other dedicated therapists who make valuable contributions to our work.
  • Jim & Sue - Nature Fresh Products CC - Jim and Sue are always available to listen to the public and respond to any problems or complaints they have with their existing products.
  • Meet the Team - Nature Fresh Products CC - We work as a team and rely on mutual support from each other throughout the day. We are a team of 7 experts in our individual fields.
  • To People We Serve - Nature Fresh Health Products CC - I have been in consultation with radio listeners to my broadcasts and I also spend many hours on the internet, providing free and helpful advice to them.
  • Articles - Nature Fresh Products CC - Sue is the author of "HEALTHY HAPPY EATING for all blood types" and co-author of “The Holistic Guide to a HEALTHY HAPPY HEART”.
  • Media - publications, video or audio - Our first encounters with media was with the SABC (Women's World) and TV were in 1996 when we spoke out about fluoride in the water as well as toothpaste.
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  • Sara Hilliard - WIDE AND COMFY

    I LOVE these shoes. The first few days I wore them I had blisters, but that is normal for me with new shoes and they felt a little tight, so I was worried about that. But after a week they were nice and worn in and the BEST. They fit well and they are comfy and they give me just enough arch support. They are also wide enough for me feet, which is amazing.

  • Cintris - Don't be duped like I was.

    I have been using QuickBooks for years and I have always liked it. I got 2016 only because of the change in payment and then I found out that there will be an extra charge and so I will not use it. What a shame. I really did not need to upgrade so soon and now I find out it really was not necessary. I was paying $.50 per transaction and now it is a percentage of the transaction like with a credit card charge. The promise was that my rates would not change. Unless I am totally misunderstanding it, don't believe their promises. I am disappointed in Intuit for this deception.

  • Russ Cuthrell - Nice green lawn....

    I asked my client that owns a lawn fertilizing service what I could use in between his applications and he informed me his "secret" to a green grass is using milorganite. I generally buy it from the local hardware store but on my last visit they were out. I decided to check to see if had it available and of course, they did. Actually, cheaper than the local hardware store. Within a few days my grass is nice and green... I do have to admit I created a bit more work for's growing quickly so I have to mow twice a week for now.

  • mickey - Concerned about our Country

    Scary,but spot on. Everyone should read this book. It is right on and has all the data to back up the facts. It is a not a book that is Democrat or Republican, but just tells us what has happened under the present regime and how to take care of ourselves. It is not a book for those that would rather put their heads in the sand and pretend things are just great in America!

  • Brenda L Loyd - Very good

    Another great read by Heather Graham, I always enjoy her books right to the end. They always keep me guessing, just when I think I have it figured out it takes a new a twist. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks