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  • Rachel Garrett - The product description is false, contains Premium features

    Visio Professional does not include the "Processes" tab that allows you to easily create subprocesses. It does not allow you to import/export SharePoint Designer workflows. There are probably other big honking errors in this product review.

  • STACYHGG - LOVE Laneige products!

    Although I would recommend buying this line from Target, I bought this set off Amazon (at a higher price) and loved it. This line of skincare is great and I highly recommend it! :)

  • Sayla Gerth - Informative

    It does give you information on case studies of how it helps people but not much on the actual average cost of doing something like this or much on long term effects from what I could tell.

  • sara - Not Loving It

    Not really loving this product. You have to use it sparingly unless you'd like a crusty wrinkled mess under your eyes. And even then it just doesn't really do the trick. Plus, it's always dried out when I first press the plunger so a crusty blob squirts out before the liquid. Moving on.