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  • golden age superman - Works great, but opens slowly

    Once again, Kaspersky has put together another great Internet Security software package. My only negative is that it starts up very slowly after starting up my PC. I have never had this issue with any of the previous 7 years of Kaspersky Internet Security. I have this running on a Windows 7 Intel i5 desktop and a Windows 7 Intel i7 laptop and both take about a minute after Windows loads up for the "Protection Enabled" message to appear. Personally I'm a patient person and I'm willing to wait for the quality protection that Kaspersky Internet Security provides (although I hope they improve this in future versions). The program installed flawlessly, just make sure you uninstall all prior internet security programs from your PC first. Oh I forgot...the other thing you need patience for is the first update from Kaspersky. If you plan ahead you can find this on sale on Amazon for 18-20 dollars, making this the best product at an exceptional value!

  • mrlysell - Not worth the time or money

    These oils are not like other high quality essentials. I have dealt with many many whole essential oils and they usually require a carrier oil because they are so strongly scented. These oils from this brand seem as if they are already diluted as the fragrance is very minimal. I have no doubt that they are 100 percent oil, just not complete essential oil. Poor product. Sorry guys :(