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  • Robert U. - Fraudulent power grab by Keurig

    Had to give this worthless piece of crap one start. I certainly does not deserve any stars. Keurig is soooooo greedy they will not let any of the old pods or even the fill it yourself pods to work. I called customer service and they offered to give me first one box and the two boxes of their garbage coffee. I love the Keurig machine I have now (K-70) but when it finally dies I will go back to a normal coffee maker. This one was going to be for my office but no way am I keeping this junk.

  • Becky Carpenter - love it!

    I can actually see it contracting the abs! My biggest mistake was starting on too low of a level for me, but I quickly figured it out. I do it twice a day at about 70 on the intensity and my muscles feel sufficiently tired after :)

  • Corey - NeverWorks

    Contrary to what the packaging may indicate, NeverWet doesn't work on leather, metal, wood, fiberglass, plastic, glass, ceramic,or any other surface for very long. I sprayed a few test surfaces last night at 5pm and not even 18 hours later, there isn't a ton of water repelling going on.

  • Nathan Adams - Completely satisfied. Shipping was estimated at over a week

    Completely satisfied. Shipping was estimated at over a week, but it arrived in three days. The quality of the tail light seems better than the original. Installation was very easy. Below are a few notes.

  • Marilyn - can feel the heat instantly

    I got this crème in hopes of helping my cellulite and tone since it is a hot cream. As soon as you apply AND massage to deired areas, you can immediately feel the heat on the applied areas. Its not a tingling sensation like a tingler from tanning lotions its more of a heat feeling from the inside. I purchased this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and so far I love the product and cannot wait to see the results even though I feel like I can feel it each time I use the product. It burns for a while but it burns longer if you wrap the area you use it on. Its uncomfortable the first couple of times you use it but ive used similar products before and I feel like this one will be great due to the length of burning once the crème is applied.

  • Dayana Caballero - Light sneakers, vent well, no slips yet

    My mom cleans houses and she occasionally slips on the tile. I bought these specifically because they were low cut and white and seemed to vent well. This L.A. weather (lower alabama) is so hot and humid, there is no way you can wear the black non slip sneakers. She mentioned the shoe is so light it feels as if you're wearing socks. So I advised her to only wear them to work, not to walk outside, because if you step on a rock it's going to hurt. She usually wears an 8W, so I got her the 8.5 regular since they didn't have the wide sizes. Perfect fit.

  • 2yorkiemama - Great for acne - with one caveat. :(

    I actually love it, with one caveat. I used it for cystic acne, and it worked wonderfully to bring down the swelling. However, it did burn my skin. I even used it with a carrier oil. I'm really bummed because it did work so good on the acne. I may have to try a different oil such as argan. If you don't have sensitive skin, I do believe this would be a great product for you! The smell is very pleasant, though quite strong. The price was exceptionally good, also.