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  • David B - Easy read, great for beginners and anyone looking for a refresher.

    This book is very easy to read and explains investing in common language. It can be easly picked up and read in small chunks or all at once. It starts from very, very beginning of investing, explaining what stocks and the market are, going up into covering advanced strategy and theories. Perfect for a beginner or someone already investing looking for more of a foundation. 5 Stars all around.

  • stephany - super upset with this "natural" hair care product

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  • A. Noyer - Honest real person review (not seller)

    It works user - NOT seller. Hoping to add a truthful review to the pile of biased reviews either way.

  • keyboardfreak88 - If you're serious about the LSAT, take a course

    I bought this book telling myself that I would hunker down and study without having to pay the seemingly exorbitant prices of test prep companies. I went through the entire book in two days, practice tests included. The "rules" that this book gives you are painfully inadequate for the actual test. I would be surprised if anyone's score improved at all after using this book. As mentioned by many other reviews, the point of a book or class is to provide basic rules that the LSAT follows. There really are only a few basic "types" of questions and this book gives you very little in terms of substance.

  • Camman595 - Tough to light but lasts for hours

    I purchased two of these hand warmers because if my wife and I are out together, she can have one and if I am out alone, I'll have one for each hand. This was a good purchase and I would do it again but these were very frustrating at first. The directions tell you to hold the burner in an open flame for 10-20 seconds to get them to light but it takes way longer than that with a lighter. I even tried using a butane "torch" lighter. This was not a real torch but a pocket lighter. It got the burner head hot in one spot but not hot enough to get the entire burner hot enough to light. Then I read many more of the reviews and found the secret. As other reviewers have mentioned, after filling, dribble a few drops of lighter fluid onto the burner head and light that with your lighter. It will burn with a 2-3 inch flame for 20-30 seconds and then will burn out. At that time, your hand warmer is lit. It really is that easy. Some people have mentioned that doing it this way will shorten the lifespan of the burner but I have had no problems with mine doing it this way. And the lifespan is much longer than it would be after throwing it against a brick wall in frustration of not being able to get it lit when you need it I am sure.

  • Goulee` - Recommeded for those that do not want full time tonneau

    Purchased this for my 2016 F150. It arrives pre-assembled and truly does install in minutes. The first day I drove 400+ miles to camp and it performed excellent on the freeway. One corner wasn't snug at high speed, but after a quick tightening it never fluctuated again. For the price this is as good as it gets. I do not want a full time tonneau, so this is easy on easy off. If you do plan on leaving it on full time I can't guarantee it's waterproof. I did notice some dust on my gear, so it's not 100% tight like a hard shell might be.