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  • Tim Embry - Going Back

    I have had nothing but trouble with this treadmill since I got it. First off don't expect the guarantee delivery date they have on here it is not correct. I watched the guys drop the box off the truck and when I got it inside there was numerous holes and rips in the box. After setting it up the treadmill didn't work correctly and had to call SOLE several times to get it to work and it still only works every now and then. Stay tuned, might be returning !

  • World Music Fan - Not exactly the definitive book on candida that I thought

    The book has some great advice but I caution anyone with candida to accept the advice unconditionally but instead trust your gut, literally. I was surprised to learn that I should not eat beans yet other candida diets say you can. I've been eating black beans for several months ever since I learned I had this problem. I make mine from scratch from the dried organic kind, which I soak in water for several hours, then cook with EVOO, garlic and onions. They're great and they do not cause any problems.

  • Martin H. Gonzalez - Excellent

    Two years and counting. Very well built. Light and easy to carry, straps are very comfortable. It's got "magical" pockets: everything fits. It stands perfect both on grass and concrete. Would buy it again for sure.

  • Tracy McLaughlin - DO NOT ORDER THIS!

    The big issue I have with this is the Customer Service, forget about the product. First off, I ordered the Meaningful Beauty iAnti Aging n the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. Big mistake. I accidently clicked on the FREE vitamins and started receiving them. I DO NOT WANT THE FREAKIN VITAMINS FOR $32.94 each month and didn't know I ordered them. OMG, I've returned them, unopened, cancelled, and they still are sending me them and billing me. I'm going to loose my s*** with this. I just called now, and they had no record of my cancelling the vitamins so they are sending them!!!! I told the woman I need documentation of this conversation and she said she will refund my money and the order is cancelled. Having said that, this is is SCAM. Do not order this. Go to CVS and buy some anti aging creme off the shelf. Don't give out your credit card number. They suck.