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  • Gordon D. Janssen - Good knife, shabby sheath

    as stated above, the knife is great but the sheath has a stainless clip that when bent chooses not to go back Really messed up a finger trying with a pair of pliers. Sent quickly though & I use it daily.

  • Ryan - I definitely recommend this

    I used it on a bike tour and I have gone 7 days without charging the battery in the wall. I definitely recommend this item

  • Katy - LOVE IT

    This mask is awesome!!! It leaves your hear feeling like silk! The texture is so reach it almost feels like a lotion. When you put this mask on, it will stay on, no leaks! I don't like messy products and this is definitely not one of them! The packaging is awesome because each pouch it's packaged individually with hair covers in each one of them. This way the product stays fresh and you can bring it with you while travelling. I couldn't be happier about this mask, this is exactly what I needed to revitalize my dried and thinning locks. I'm very happy with this mask and will continue to use it monthly. I've been using Pura D'Or shampoo for a while and this is another great product from them.

  • Igor H. - Drastically decreases antenna reception.

    The antenna fits well and looks great but it greatly reduces the radio reception. Stations that were crystal clear before now fade out in short tunnels and under bridges, whereas stations that were acceptable before now don't come in. I will be going back to the ugly whip antenna.

  • Amazon Customer - Works AMAZINGLY well!

    Works amazingly well, AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE!! Don't use it for longer than 3 days, and no more than twice in a 24 hour period. Simple. Gets me through the worst part of a cold or flu by allowing me to SLEEP at night without congestion. Love this product, but needs to be used responsibly!

  • Tyler - Read this (all of it!) carefully before considering

    SO. I am a mouse freak. I'm a collector for some reason. My favorite mouse of all time is my EC1-a by Zowie. My hands are 22cm. Other mice in my collection: Razer DA Chroma, Logitech G303, Mionix Castor, Mionix Avior, Zowie Benq FK1, Zowie ZA12, SteelSeries Rival, Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 [rip :( ]. Received the Finalmouse 2016 a few days ago. I wasted my money but luckily for me Amazon has a great return policy and I'll be getting it back. Luckily for you, I'm here to save you money and hassle by telling you to avoid this product. First off, let me say that through testing this mouse, the performance was great thanks to the implementation of more smoothing in the 3310 sensor which actually I didn't find attractive, personally. Nothing new about the shape. Same old generic OEM shell slapped with a 3310 sensor and sold for 3 times the cost with ESports written on the package. I haven't had the 2015 but I've heard about the poor quality in several batches. Unfortunately folks this one is no different. The side buttons are bad. Real bad. They are a bit loose and rattle when the mouse is shaken. You can also see the white light from the scroll wheel LED in the gap between where the side buttons and the shell itself. The weight sure as hell isn't 74g either. More like 84-87g. Another issue: the left click and right clicks are like loose teeth. Especially the left mouse button. It is wobbly and makes me feel like I'm playing with a cheap 13 dollar mouse (well, because it basically is). They are also horribly soft and way too easy to misclick. Cherry on top: my hands are too large to hold this mouse comfortably. If your hands are 21cm or larger and you're a hybrid claw grip player you wont enjoy the shape. The right side needs to be flat for me. I can't stand the "ergonomic curvature" of the atrocious glossy right side. You CAN NOT have this mouse on your desk and feel good about it. At least I can't. And like I said, I collect these things. Filed for return. I'm looking forward to Zowie hopefully putting the 3360 sensor in the next refresh of the ec series mice. I'm also looking forward to more 3360 mice to hit the market. This will be the Finalmouse I ever purchase from Finalmouse.

  • Phd Student - E-Commerce 2010 (6th Edition)

    Well written text. Excellent for graduate students and professionals. Case studies are current and are an appropriate learning tool.