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  • Bernie - Worked perfect and great quality

    Worked perfect and great quality. I couldn't read most of the box and manual because it wasn't in English, but I know what I'm doing anyway. I plugged it in, formatted it and installed Windows 10 on it, no problems at all.

  • Learned Fool - Less than satisfied after two years

    Two problems I've experienced in the 2 to 2.5 year range after first applying. It sounds like I am in the minority to experience the residue problem, so I might have purchased a bunch of defective packages. If you are considering buying them, perhaps your luck will be better.

  • Never again - Shoddy quality & forever disillusioned with Ray-Ban/Luxottica service

    After purchasing this pair of sunglasses, I’ve sworn off all Ray-Bans, and, by extension, all sunglasses produced by Luxottica. After a year of ownership, while sitting in the original case, in luggage, the lens cracked, propagating from the top of the frame – clearly a manufacturer’s defect. When I sent them into Luxottica (which owns Ray-Ban), they denied warranty service. Any attempts to contact customer service (phone and email) was met by the rote “a trained technician has deemed your eyewear non-defective.” In the end, all they did was ship the broken sunglasses back to me. Amazon, however, graciously let me return them, even a year after purchase; so if you insist on buying Luxottica/Ray-Ban products of dubious workmanship, at least do it on Amazon.

  • sjmonty - Good Story

    This was a good story; it was fairly predictable, but I liked the characters. There were enough twists to keep it interesting. It was an easy, enjoyable read.

  • XEXEC - A quality product at a good price

    I've had a Marmot rain jacket before so I was hoping this current model would be as good- and it seems to be even better. I like the fact that the hood folds neatly inside the collar when not in use. That is definitely an improvement. And the price was right for a jacket that really does keep you dry without being heavy. This is light as a feather. My husband and I both bought the Men's version as I found the women's to be too form fitting. I like to have enough room for a light fleece or sweater underneath and the men's styling is perfect for that.

  • C. Jones - Doesn't work for us. .. Well marketed

    Our understanding is that the Newborn variant is rather new to the marketplace. Like many, I am sure most people started using the ready made Enfamil formula provided by the hospital. Also like many, you were told not to switch, in fear of upsetting what your child has become accustomed to. We fell into the trap. However, over the last several days, the gas, the vomit and the general irritability have only gotten worse. What is even better (worse), if you go on Enfamil's own website and read the customer reviews of this product, you will see that we are not alone. 40%-50% of the reviewers have a similar response, about the gas, etc. I have yet to find a formula review that doesn't have some negative comments or some "my pediatrician told me" stated fact. However I have yet to find one that seems to have such a common negative occurrence, despite its positive reviews. As for the "my pediatrician told me", I am reminded that even the guy who came in last in med school, is still called Doctor today...