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  • Camille P. Stein - A Two-Pronged Review

    Prong One: I've been buying Hallmark Software for at least six years. I prefer to make personalized cards and the choice of paper can really make a card pop. I don't usually buy the Deluxe version but I thought I'd try. This software allows one to create cards or other projects or use existing templates. There are cards for birthdays, holidays, and special days, among other types. If you're a creative-type person you can design your own projects. I stick to the templates because it's not worth spending the time to create a card that won't last very long. As an aside, I did make a couple of cards using velum on the outside of the card and modified an existing card. I received very nice responses from the recipients. Hallmark puts out a great product and I will continue to purchase software each year it comes out.

  • Kylix - Depending on your needs, this could be amazing or absolutely terrible.

    Great for everyday, generic stuff like checking emails, browsing the web, watching Netflix, etc. but not much else. The specs in this thing are very lackluster, so don't expect it to host a Plex server, run Overwatch at 120fps or edit that 4K video you just shot on your phone. It's a really great replacement for a Roku or Chromecast if you pair it with a Lenovo N5902 Multimedia remote, and it's super light and easy to travel with. Just don't expect too much out of it.

  • Webshopper - Wow - how does this work??

    My face is always slightly red ( not rosacea) to pretty red. Yeah, foundation works most of the time, but finding the right shade, depending in how much sun I've had or will get or not gotten...


    I am giving this projector a five star review based on the limited use I have had with it so far - only used once in a particularly bright room and I could see everything I needed. The intended MAIN use is to project images onto fabric hanging on a wall so that my good lady can put pictures on quilts (via fabric paints/embroidery) - cot quilts etc.

  • Tom Alexander - sounds are clear with the bass sounding good

    The sound quality is decent and i would rate it 4/5 compared to other earphones i have used previously however this is compared to rather large over ear headphones worth almost 10x these ones. The sounds are clear with the bass sounding good and strong but not overpowering the trebles. The sound was much better when i changed earbuds to a size more appropriate to my ear also.

  • Wrangler - Not impressed

    I had been looking for a very short antenna for my 2012 Jeep Wrangler. When I found this one I was very excited hoping it would work great. Once I installed it however the reception was extremely poor if none at all. I wish it worked because I love the look of it and it fit perfectly on my Jeep.

  • Corinne Graham - Not sure how long this repair will last, but ...

    Not sure how long this repair will last, but it stopped a combustion leak in a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix, 3.8L NA and hopefully saved my customer's engine. Followed directions exactly, and it no longer has a combustion leak. I used the Lisle combustion leak detector and fluid to check before and after multiple times. Fluid did not change color after using this sealer.