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  • erik venegas - This product definitely made me feel numb sometimes and got ...

    This product definitely made me feel numb sometimes and got me so hot throughout the day. I didn't feel safe taking it. My heart was racing randomly throughout the day. I wouldn't buy again. Did it for one week and then stopped.

  • Yari Garcia/Moody Thursday - Works Like Magic!

    I had pitch-black hair dye, and my hair is very thick and porous/dry. It clung onto my bangs, yet faded everywhere else in my hair. I looked so silly. I gave this product a try, and it worked fabulously!! I absolutely love and would highly recommend this product!!

  • Jamie L. Kelly - Warning: They are ONLY "Look" and "SPD SL" compatible. Most gym bikes are "SPD" Compatible only.

    Great looking, love Shimano, but was disappointed that they are only Look and SPD SL compatible. Most gyms are only SPD so it was quite annoying especially since it was no where on the description what type of cleat this shoe used.

  • Mr. Truthteller - Works well, but set up may be difficult.

    Set up of this product is not as simple as I thought. If you have Charter as your cable provider, then you have to contact them to give them your account number, date of birth, mother's maiden name, paternal surname from the old country (as originally spelled, including umlauts, tildes, accents, etc., if any), dates of birth of all your children, full names of all your pets since birth (in chronological order), monthly FICO scores for the last 10 years, one or two other "security" questions (which I cannot reveal here), and the new MAC address. Otherwise, the modem will not work, at all. Also, they "may" want you to return their old modem back (if you are already renting one from them) if it is worth anything, so that is another hassle. Finally, if you are already renting a modem this seems to require being put on hold for no less than 17 minutes, just to make sure you are really serious about reducing the amount of money they can make off of you each month. On the other hand, this modem seems well-built and seems to work well.

  • 76Tiger - Upsell SCAM!

    This is a scam to get adds on your computer and to upsell you on other services. Had to actually block the helpdesk phone number after trying to get help with a minor issue.

  • Kathy Stevenson - and I am so disappointed that I cannot stay up and finish binging through ...

    It is 2 a.m. and I have just finished the first four episodes and I have to go to sleep or I won't be able to teach in the morning, and I am so disappointed that I cannot stay up and finish binging through all the episodes released so far. David E. Kelley and Billy Bob Thornton... what an awesome combination. William Hurt plays a wicked evil creep and I love the women characters so far. Amazon, I am your number 1 fan in so many ways. But this production may be the best thing yet. Rock on! It is addicting!! I love it.

  • K. Culp - So close, but ultimately very unclear directions

    This should have taken 10 minutes to assemble TOPS. It has to do with part "P" - assembly of the basic frame. These instructions are breezed over and besides it is simply a matter of building this right - the holes are difficult to match. THEY KNOW THIS. It seems like this was well-documented in other reviews. They simply won't fix it so I don't know why I even write this.