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  • http://old.bestmed.co.za/Beat1.aspx Beat1 | Bestmed Medical Scheme© FSP 44058 - Flexible hospital benefits with limited savings to pay for out of hospital expenses on some options.
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  • sundoode - Very easy to install

    Very easy to install, seemed to work ok. But when I tried to reinstall an MMO, the launcher would not connect. I checked the firewall rules, and the program had the right access. Turned off the application, and it still wouldn't connect. Deinstalled the tool, and the launcher worked fine. Something else I noticed was the tool appeared to use 15-18% CPU when no scans were going. Between those two items, I went ahead and left the program de-installed and went back to my original internet security product.

  • LoVe - This game is actually really awesome. Can be a little tough at first especially ...

    This game is actually really awesome. Can be a little tough at first especially if you're a beginner like me but as long as you continue trying you will develop some pretty nice guitar playing skills. I like the graphics and interface of the game. It really does make you feel like you're in a one on one session when learning your chords. The Sony selection is nice there's all types of groups and songs that range from a very slow tempo, easier for beginner playing. To up-tempo for more advanced playing. It can get pretty addicting and best played with friends. I would definitely recommend this game if your looking to learn or even if you already know how to play but are just looking for a challange.

  • Joy Spinelli - after spending alot of money this product sucks!!

    after spending alot of money this product sucks!!!!!! It is only good for maybe 10 minutes. What a dissapointment. To anyone outhere do not waste your money.

  • David Gomez - Worth the purchase and then some...

    Nice graphics and a smooth ride straight out of the box. I have since upgraded the drive train to Ultegra with a SRAM Force compact crank. I am a big rider at 220 pounds but this bike still floats up hills. Very happy with this purchase...

  • Kathy - What a read!

    What can I say about this book that hasn't already been said? Not a damn thing! I loved it! Absolutely love Penelope Douglas. She is one the best I have ever read! The way she draws the storyline out with the drama, angst, tension and action is absolutely thrilling! I did not want to put the book down. Can't wait to read future works.