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  • Sean Wayne - Good System, Good Price

    I purchased the i5 model, before they installed SteamOS, (win8 version). I am a Linux power user, so I would have been fine either way. However, in utilizing this for STEAM, windows is currently a better solution, in my opinion. If you have the ability to install, I would, just to ensure the most complete gaming experience. SteamOS isnt "there" yet. As far as the box is concerned, I like it. It is a small PC with decent guts, especially for the price. And the beauty is that it is still a computer that can always be re-purposed.

  • Carol M - Kaplan SAT Subject Test Mathematics Level 1

    I got this book for my high schooler, who very recently took the SAT and is considering taking one or more SAT Subject Tests. She is very impressed with the organization and content of this book, and has already requested that I purchase the Math Level 2 and the Physics versions for her.

  • Cyndi - ... first say that these oils did come in a beautiful box and were very elegantly presented

    Let me first say that these oils did come in a beautiful box and were very elegantly presented..but..I am not too sure about a few of theses oils :( The lemongrass,sweet orange and lavender are all great but the other three?? Umm..not so much. The remaining three,peppermint,tea tree and eucalyptus,all smelled the same to me & it was not a pleasant scent either.They all had an air of dirt to me.I will say that the peppermint did smell a lot more like peppermint Out of the bottle but still it didn't live up to other peppermint oils I have. I tried it out by rubbing a small amount on my temple(I use this trick a lot when I get a headache & it works wonders!) & I waited because my other essential peppermint oil will almost immediately start to give me a cool,tingling that helps alleviate pain but with this one,nothing....no tingling,no coolness,just felt like regular oil on my head. Pretty disappointed. I am going to give them all one more shot and try them in my diffuser and see how they work with that application.If they perform well that way,I will return and give them another star for that. I received this set at a discount or free for my honest review

  • john - Crooks

    I wouldn't buy into this product. I am being forced to buy the new version which I don't want, as the old version which was working fine, suddenly requires a new registration that does not work in Snow Leopard. The upgrade is $199 when I can buy the full copy for $180. They've got you by the &@!!$ and they know it

  • Nathan - Liquid gold

    Liquid gold. Really. Our little guy seems to be fine with 1-2 doses every couple weeks. Concentrated prune juice worked, but only if we gave it twice a day and kept at it constantly. We tried this and it worked fast, literally less than a day. He hates the taste, but otherwise we love this stuff.

  • Courtney N - Good for rash healing and prevention

    I started using this when my son developed a little diaper rash, this cleared it right up. It was definitely improved after one use. I noticed he would cry when I was wiping his bottom when the rash was present, but would stop when I applied this, so I think it must be soothing. I now use a little with each change and the rash has stayed away. I'm very satisfied!