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  • Pokeweed - Cleared up my skin for over 3 years now

    I began using Acnefree over 3 years ago. I have tried all sorts of treatments including many prescription medications and even antibiotics. However, Acnefree is better than all of them. It does take time to work - any new treatment for Acne takes 6 weeks to become fully effective. That is because the best way to treat acne is prevent it, not try and clear it up. It is important to use Acnefree when your skin is clear as a preventative measure to prevent blocked oil glands.

  • Kelly - I had recommend it to my friends

    When I use Mary Kay,it helps my skin became smooth.I had recommend it to my friends.They said about this product is very useful.

  • TheyKeepOnRising - Much better than expected, but also very expensive

    I bought this on impulse from a retail store - I already owned the PS Camera and the controllers from my PS3. I figured it was cheaper than the PC counterparts so might as well, if nothing else I will own an entertaining gimmick for visitors. I have not used VR before.

  • Jeff O. - It looks like a 90's game!

    I'm not even gonna bother to write a lot about this game, I'm not sure why but it looks like a demo, all glitchy and slow, the players look like made of plastic and the movements are totally unreal, I don't know what's gonna happen with the franchise but this is a huge step back from where the game was coming. So disappointed!