Pandey Lab - The Pandey Lab at Johns Hopkins University is an interdisciplinary group of molecular biologists, mass spectrometrists and computational biologists who are interested in systems biology.

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  • Tracy L Barker - NO more prednisone for me!

    This truly is like a natural alternative to Prednisone for me! I have battled MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease) for a very long time. After diagnosis I was given loads of steroids which just cause so stinkin many side affects but I rebounded so hard that I had no choice to keep going back on them or face organ failures. I found a doctor that helped me to ween off of my steroids 1/4 of a mg every 4th day! Crazy and involved a lot of math and pill cutting, but it worked. I will now avoid them at ALL costs which is hard to do with an auto immune disease. This Black seed oil has me feeling so good, my skin is healing, and my face is so much less swollen that people keep asking me if I am loosing weight! I have forgotten them once two days in a row and no issues, no rebounding, no respiratory distress. It is like all the benefits of steroids without the side affects and instead of aging your organs like steroids - this stuff is healing to them.

  • Mindfulness Matters - Great for Adult Acne

    After having kids, I thought my acne days were over. This vitamin has helped tremendously with my skin issues and nutrition needs. I saw results in about a week of use, and a dramatic reduction of new breakouts (cystic and minor blemishes)in two weeks.