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  • C Lowe - Great Budget Friendly 4K Television

    Delivery took a week, but understandable with the prime day back up. Enhanced delivery was extremely convenient, and the the guys set the tv up exactly where I wanted it. The TV construction seems to be solid, and does not move around. The picture is great, much better than the Vizio that this TV replaced. While the up scaling doesn't do a WHOLE lot, it does make a difference. On the other hand, 4K content on Netflix has been amazing. The apps on the TV are snappy, I fortunately have not experienced any lag that other reviewers have pointed out.

  • Raven of Reviews. - Pretty good.

    It is one of my favorites, though I found out it is homed based in a sidetrack EU country. It was costly then and I was not sure of there being able to stop ID theft. So I went with USA.


    The product is a good one which I regularly use. However, this edition is plain in that the shortcuts on the main screen are in black and white. The previous one used lots of color. It is an appearence issue only. The other item is the fact there is no apparent 'Update' link for any changes.