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  • A. Anderson - Not to be missed

    I don't normally read thrillers, or adventure stories, but this recounting of the Shackleton ruin and recovery in the Antarctic is not to be missed. It manages to be both a heart stopping page turner, and a reasonably legitimate history. This is the book I passed around to my friends and family. Shackleton is a dreamer, publicity seeker and adventurer who planned to explore the Anarctic for less than entirely noble reasons at about the same time WWI was taking over the front pages of the world. Instead, he and his crew have to watch their beautiful ship be crushed by the ice. (The photographs are stunning.) The most dramatic description is a miracle of navigation of a long boat by the stars to get through the coldest and most storm toss'd ocean in the world to try to find a rescue. You'll read it through once fast, nearly as seasick and sore as the crew, and then have to read it through again to see if you really read it right the first time. The crew is a blend of the gentleman explorer of the (last) turn of the century along with the more rough and less educated crew that in combination manage to maintain the discipline and comradeship that is the basis of survival. Lansing gives high marks to Shackleton's leadership, as the crew is forced to abandon generous ships' stores, supplies that become 'luxuries' and even the sled dogs. The later Carolyn Alexander book has more of the fabulous pictures taken the ship's photographer, but the text is comparatively tepid compared to this version of the tale. I could have wished for more detail and rounding out of the personalities of the stranded men (including more 'backstory' and epilogue) but these are small complaints when compared to the tale itself. You will enjoy this book!

  • Kindle Customer - Didn't notice a difference

    I used this twice so far and never noticed a change. My grass was already green to begin with but not a dark green as it was when I first had my grass put in a year and a half ago.

  • Casablanca - it must be real

    I have tried many hair vitamins - viviscal, phyto, nioxin, nu hair etc. but never saw a meaningful difference other than my nails growing faster. My hair is a bit below shoulder length, medium brown and wavy and I have been trying to grow it a bit longer and healthier to no avail. I came across Nzuri on amazon and decided to give it a try. I had to discontinue early on as Nzuri made me too nauseous when i take in the morning after a light breakfast but decided to try again, this time after dinner. I didn't notice a difference for the first couple of weeks, but around a month later I noticed and people started complementing me on my hair. I feel it 'thicker', I am not sure if this is a result of the hair looking less 'limp' and more lustrous or there is a real growth, nevertheless, there is tangible difference in the way my hair looks. I am on my second bottle, I will update my review in another month or two but so far I am very pleased with the product.

  • Teresa Key - gift

    I have been buying these books for my grown son since he was a teenager. he loves to read the information that is not found in other books that are similar. Excellent choice and price

  • JD ORT - I would LOVE it if it were 9-13 inches rather than 3

    I would LOVE it if it were 9-13 inches rather than 3. Weak channels have trouble, but decent channels work just fine. I do recommned this product overall. It looks 10 times better than the Long OLD ones that should never be put on a new vehicle.