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  • Melanie D - Did nothing

    I have taken this for 60 days and have had ZERO difference in my hair. I have been losing hair for about a year steadily and have been to a few doctors. All my nutrients are at the right levels, nothing is wrong with me (besides the stress over my hair loss!). I thought this would be the miracle pill as the video sure plays on the emotions of those who lose hair and are frustrated. I am a health nut and eat tons of fruits and vegetables, superfoods, etc. I am a healthy weight and do not touch processed or fast foods. There is no reason for my hair loss. I will continue to search for it though and I won't give up. I'll update this if I actually do find a product that works for me.

  • dp70737 - Bad video and picture Quality

    Crappy video Quality. The 720 statement while technically true makes it sound like it can record HD video. However, the video and picture quality isn't even as good as standard definition 480i tv.

  • Ron Blasco - Addictive

    If you like Bridges and Flow you'll like Vexes. Fun to play, each level gets a little harder and more challenging.

  • P. Cassidy - This is a great UPS unit with monitoring software and lots of sockets ...

    This is a great UPS unit with monitoring software and lots of sockets to plug into. There are two banks of plug sockets, one side is on the UPS for power outages etc. the other side is not so if power goes off anything on this side goes off as well. With all my equipment I have not come close to using the full 900watts of power supply. In summary, this is a fantastic value and great insurance for your computer system. Particularly if you live in an area with frequent brownouts and lightning strikes to the electrical grid.

  • Regina Holloway - Dante the hot mafia hitman

    You have a dark story that become a love story. Dante is given the task to break Jodie and prepare her to become a submissive sex slave. Dante realizes his growing attraction makes him want to keep her. Jodie finds herself wanting to be his. Well written story that has a good pace. Deals with hard subjects. BB Hamel continues to make dark plots enjoyable to read. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC.

  • Sorina Meyer - Provides a boost of energy!

    I have tried several hydroxycut products and this by far is the one I like best. I use this product when I want to curve my appetite and/or need a boost of energy at work. I only take one pill, as two can make me a little jittery.