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  • Mr. Wonderful - This book is MONEY for Step 1

    I worked hard through out my first two years of Medical school. We even started studying early for the boards. However when crunch time came and there was a limited amount of time for review I used First Aid. I got the score I wanted and felt like I was prepared for 99% of the questions I had on the boards. If you can use this book during your course work-DO IT! What I did was made flash cards from this book and quized myself. I also used this along with the Clinical Vignettes which were awesome as well.

  • C Knight - Office from Hell

    I thought Follow You Home was amazing when I read it last year but The Devil's Work surpasses it in my humble opinion. I devoured the book, reading when my boys would let me.

  • Grandma Amazon - The Best Grandma Tool!

    This has been my very best way of entertaining my grandchildren. I always carry this when I visit them to have great bedtime stories available and to have ideas for stories I need to "make up" at the kids' request. The stories are short, adorable, and so lovable that my six year old granddaughter started reading them by herself!

  • Jules in LA - Brush stopped working due to snapped wires - design flaw

    We got the Hoover Linx in about 2010 for free when purchasing a new refrigerator from a well-known consumer electronics store that has notoriously bad customer service). It worked beautifully and my wife really loved it, especially compared to the Electrolux Ergorapido. The combination of suction with light weight and decent battery life had my wife singing its praises.

  • adriana - Had it painted and looks great. The body shop said easy to install and ...

    Had it painted and looks great. The body shop said easy to install and everything fit easy on my 15 Rubicon JKU.

  • jgp reader - S&T for tablets

    Come on Microsoft, get with it. It is 2013 after all. What about those of us who are not bringing a laptop anymore on trips, and using our tablets? Don't you think it's high time you made it compatible for a tablet as well? It would be nice to check a map or reroute on the road when you have no internet access. And I don't mean another totally different program. I mean one program, able to install it on a laptop or desktop as well as our tablet. There should be no limit on how many devices we put it on provided we own those devices. Many people own all three as it is. Do't try to take advantage of us. If you price a product at a fair price, people will not pirate it.