Perfect Formula Diet book (Janice Stanger) – a whole foods, plant-based diet Perfect Formula Diet - The Perfect Formula Diet (Janice Stanger) is a science-based, whole foods, plant-based diet for permanent weight loss, improved health, and energy.

  • Perfect Formula Diet book (Janice Stanger) – a healthy whole-foods lifestyle Perfect Formula Diet - The Perfect Formula Diet (Janice Stanger)–a science-based, unprocessed whole-foods lifestyle for permanent weight loss, improved health, and energy.
  • Whole foods, plant-based recipes you will love Perfect Formula Diet - A collection of recipes that follow the Forks Over Knives recipe cooking style. Recipes from professional chefs and Perfect Formula Diet blog
  • The Easiest whole foods, plant-based diet Perfect Formula Diet - Six kinds of whole plant foods are ideal for health and weight loss. Whole foods, plant-based diets are best way to eat, as Forks Over Knives shows

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  • Shannah Boucher - Gummy bears on a plane

    The story begins with my mother's diabetes. The day before I was set to fly back to school after Christmas break, my mother made a trip to the grocery store, picking herself up an assortment of sugar-free snacks. Worried I would get hungry on my flight, she gave me the bag of sugar-free gummy bears to stick in my carry-on.

  • Michelle Lee - Great product!

    I absolutely love it. I can't tell if I lost inches off my waist yet, but it does make you sweat ONLY when you start working out. You cannot use this product and sit down and wait for it to kick in, no. You have to put in the work! I use it with the waist trimmer and I love both. The waist trimmer stays in place while I run and jump in the gym! Will continue to buy

  • Under the Empryean Sky, - Hidden, Book One

    This book was interesting, but lacking in many ways. I think I would like to see more of this author's work because it does seem she is creative and committed. But in her first novel she tripped over several areas that are likely traps for new authors. The hardest to overcome were all the characters in the book. There were so many people it was tough to remember who they were or what part they played. For example, the appearance of Lacey's ex husband had no value added to the story. He was just another jerk in her life in the presence of many other jerks. You already had the strange relationship with her ex- boyfriend for the jealousy effect.. and this relationship ended bizarrely out of the blue. The appearance of Kelly is still unbelievable. Perhaps these characters would be better carrying a storyline of their own, not shoved in the pages of Lacey's story. Good luck with follow up books.

  • Michael Stanley - The quick start notes allowed me to set up the tool and start cutting perfect holes in a matter of minutes

    I have always cut remodel lighting in by hand. After using the EZ Hole Professional Saw kit on a job requiring 20 5 1/2" holes, I immediately realized I have been doing it the hard and messy way for 30 years. The quick start notes allowed me to set up the tool and start cutting perfect holes in a matter of minutes. All without having to protect the customers space from flying drywall dust.

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