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  • Jean - Great Book, terrible navigation

    I like the Bible alright BUT...I don't see where there's a way to jump to any verse on the Kindle Paperwhite. I have a new Paperwhite (purchased only a few months ago). I've read and re-read all the instructions for navigating this Bible. I've looked at threads of discussions online about how to jump to any verse on the Kindle Paperwhite but it doesn't work. I'm supposed to tap the search icon, then type in the abbreviated book plus the chapter and verse, then switch from "search in book" to "index items" BUT THERE IS NO "index items" choice to be found. Is this not on the Kindle Paperwhite at all or am I missing something? I'm considering returning the book to Amazon if I cannot jump to a specific verse. I will not "scroll" through pages to find a verse I'm looking for. Can someone please help?

  • Ashley S. - Actually straightens hair pretty well!

    This thing is the bomb! I am not kidding. I have super curly, thick, long, and dry hair. I was hesitant about buying this Chinese product because I thought it would set my hair on fire or kill me with some weird chemical. I chose to buy it anyway because I like to test out things like this. So first, I washed and conditioned my hair, then towel dryed it. I was short on time so I did not use a blow dryer. One thing I advise is to use a heat protectant. Please just do this to avoid a major predicament. Finally, I straightened my hair with the brush. It took me 2-3 hours, but I got it done by parting my har into sections and going through each part slowly with the brush. I got some pretty amazing results! My hair was straight ( which was the whole reason for buying this). HOWEVER, the roots were not as straight as the rest of my hair, and I needed the assistance of a flat iron to get it to my desired straightness. And another con is that the brush emits a weird smell, like something is cooking, when you first use the brush (I don't know maybe thats just me). But overall this was a pretty good brush that got the job done.

  • Sergio Gonzalez - does not work

    bought if from official web site, used it for about five or six months but did not work. The plastic covering in laser comb fell off and can be heard when i use the device. Have not bothered getting replacement.