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  • N. Bailey - So relieved!

    After struggling with adult acne for the last year or two (I had clear skin all through adolescence), I was skeptical about the effectiveness of this pillowcase. I washed it first when it arrived because the scent was incredibly overwhelming and they mentioned that it should stay effective for a year, even through washes. Wonderful, subtle scent after a wash. I have a very intense skin care regimen involving one wash in the morning, prescription cream, a scrub at night, more prescription cream, once a week mask, etc... So when I got this pillowcase, I was careful to not stray from my current regimen to see how much of an effect the pillowcase actually had. About a month later, the results are obvious. I could not be more thrilled. Not only is my skin clearer, but the scent of the oils is so soothing before sleep. I'm here ordering a second one so I always have one when the other is in the laundry!

  • Kyle Stults - Terrible -- I didn't even get the proper download

    This is really disappointing. After using TurboTax for 11 years (8 for personal taxes, 3 for my S Corporation) I decided to switch to H&R Block to try and save some money. I purchased "H&R Block At Home Premium and Business 2012" for windows. Which I now see is a huge a mistake. I downloaded the product here at Amazon, following all of the screen prompts and pop-up screen. The software appeared to install no problem. First I wanted to do my corporate taxes. But I can not figure out how to start -- all of the interviews and guidance suggests strongly that this is a "PERSONAL TAX" only program. The help menu is unhelpful. I call H&R Block -- talking with the Rep and she tells me that she has been getting calls on this exact issue from other people. We finally figure out that the only program that downloaded was "H&R Block At Home Premium" --- there was/is NO BUSINESS tax software that came with the download.

  • B. C. Cornell - I highly recommend the Mini Pro Bluetooth Earbuds by Axgio.

    Overview: The Mini Pro Bluetooth Earbuds by Axgio are great. They have really good connectivity, stay connected for over 3 meters from both my laptop and my cellphone. Audio is a very good about 9/10 for clarity. It sounds very clear with good highs, mids, and lows. great mic which can pick up my voice in normal talking mode (don't have to raise your voice at all).

  • Katherine - 2010 edition is better

    This edition is terrible. The 2010 family feud is much better and faster. I purchase this game from another store; I should of waited for other reviews.

  • Amazon Customer - Barely meets expectations

    I agree--it seems to be poor quality. Did not buy it on Amazon, but have owned this Energizer family charger for about 3 yrs. Only used it regularly for about a year or so, and it's already stopped working. Even before it quit altogether, it seemed to be charging the batteries inconsistently. Kind of defeats the purpose of saving $ by recharging batteries, if you have to replace the charger after only 18 months!

  • Cake lady 49 - This book solves that problem and is very easy to follow

    A friend had a previous edition of this book from a trip she had made around the country a few years ago and last fall we used it on a trip from Florida to Massachusetts. It was enormously helpful on our trip as well and so I purchased this 2016 edition for a trip we are making this fall. I can remember stopping at exits in years past looking for gas or food or a hotel and there being nothing there. This book solves that problem and is very easy to follow. We will be trying it out in about 5 weeks. :)

  • Xathanael - Fight that 2:30 feeling for less than $0.60 a day!!

    I used to drink a pot of coffee per day, before that I used to drink 2-3 energy drinks per day. These pills give me the same level of energy as the aforementioned activities without the jitters or feeling anxious.