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  • D. Edward Tench - Holy and unholy prophecies can agree?

    Some people doubt and scoff at end-time theories of any kind but "...they know not what they do." Some eschatological theorists view Mecca as the seven-hilled Babylon of modernity and expect an Islamic Antichrist. Thomas Horn's argument - offered in Zenith (and his other books as well) - that "all roads lead to Rome" should give both camps pause. Many consider the Vatican to be leading the way when it comes to continuing the false mystery religion of yore. The reality of course, is that the entire world has been infected by the lies that first became institutionalized in the days of Nimrod. Time will tell which false system will introduce the pseudochristos to the world.

  • Joyce T - Countertop change

    Fortunately I read several reviews on the product before I purchased it. Most of the reviews were very accurate. Rustoleum presents a good product with one main exception; not enough adhesive and final coat. They provide too many chips but would be better if there was more of the adhesive.

  • Debbie Hall - This is a terrible compilation of depressing stories that appear to have been ...

    This is a terrible compilation of depressing stories that appear to have been written to impress the literary community with no regard to outside readers. The book never got any better, sordid story after sordid story. Absolutely awful.

  • Amazon Customer - Great product, installed very easy

    Great product, installed very easy, fit well and matched the rest of the black plastic molding on the vehicle. Very happy with look and function.

  • lscs102 - I used it for a week before I realized what RTIC is... =) but I LOVE this tumbler!

    Nothing negative - it does everything you would want it to do! I don't find it hard to drink the recommended amount of water for health as long as it is very cold. I keep it on my desk overnight and there is still ice in it the next morning. It does SUCH a good job of insulating that when I left it in the freezer for a few hours with room temperature water in it, the water was barely cold! It's comfortable to drink from without a straw, but great with a straw too. Identical to the higher priced ones and every bit as good. Love it!

  • Kindle Customer - It was pretty scary so I closed up my Kindle right away ...

    I don't know it seem to work but I didn't realize that a bunch of people were going to be looking at me and each other ! It was pretty scary so I closed up my Kindle right away but I heard them talking they were wondering where I was was pretty funny actually but I'll never do that again unless I'm in make up and costume just be forewarned if you sign up for a meeting everybody's gonna be looking at you