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  • Travel Clinic - travel essentials for malaria, diarrhoea and jet lag from Pharma Doctor - Anti malarial medications: Malarone, Doxycycline and Lariam, traveller's diarrhoea tablets, and jet lag treatment available to buy on prescription.
  • Sexual health treatments from PharmaDoctor - Buy medications for male impotence and premature ejaculation. Obtain the contraceptive pill, the Nuvaring or the Evra Patch. Get STIs treated without embarassment
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  • Influenza Clinic - protection from the flu with Pharmadoctor - Tamiflu antiviral medications for protection for you and your family against the flu virus this winter season. Prevention and cure of flu symptoms available on prescription.
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  • Premature Ejaculation - Online prescriptions for Priligy - Pharma Doctor - Online consultations for premature ejaculation and treatment using Priligy.
  • Online Prescriptions for Malarone and travel medications - PharmaDoctor provides online consultations and a private prescription service for Malaria treatments such as Malarone, and for antiobiotics against travellers diarrhea.
  • Female contraception - the pill, the mini-pill, the patch and NuvaRing - Have say in which type of conception you use. Try a better combined contraceptive pill or mini-pill, do not just stick to the cheap NHS options. other options available include the contraceptive patch and NuvaRing.
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  • Online Prescriptions for Period delay medications - PharmaDoctor provides online consultations and a private prescription service for the period delay treatment Norethisteron.
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  • Jet Lag treatment with Circadin - Circadin is a melatonin based treatment used to treat the symptoms of jet lag. Taking a long haul flight for business or pleasure? Do not let jet lag affect your time away.

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  • Rye R - Seemed promising...stick with Gerber

    Disappointed. When product arrived the box it was in was crushed. I picked it up and the bottle fell out. They sent it in a padded envelope. Not enough protection. I've only used this product once so far. I had to shake it a lot to get it to mix. When I gave the 5 drops to my 2 1/2 month old baby I noticed there were very tiny hard balls, gritty. Uhhhh not something I want to be putting in my babies mouth. A few min after I gave the drops he spit up. Next time I'll stick with Gerber drops. More expensive but seem to be better quality.

  • Amazon Customer - So many ads...

    l mostly flip through Elle these days as it doesn't really offer me much actually interesting substance. It's not bad, but it's annoyingly full of ads.

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    This poster is big in size. The bubble wrap aligns perfectly with the dates. Would be a great improvement to have more space between the months.

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    Worked great. Drank a gallon of water night before test. Woke up drank the drink. Then half a gallon of water. Pissed like 15 times. Passed two different tests. Waited like 2 hours after I drank product then took urine test and pass. Worked for me. I recommend it if you wanna spend 50 bucks at gnc for it.

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    I love my purchase, I found what I was looking for, the item was the same as the description. Delivery time, communication, item features, and dimensions, everything was awesome thankssssssss

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    Stopped working after a few days! Not a good remote! & I can NOT contact the seller to get a refund!! Waste of money! 😡😡