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  • Amazon Customer - Great for my 3yr old!

    I purchased this for my 3 year old son after he had received a different one as a gift. I never trusted him with the small cardboard puzzles after he destroyed one the second it was opened. This actually is an awesome puzzle for him! The pieces are large and sturdy and it isn't overly complicated for him to do himself! I'm glad I invested in this puzzle for him

  • mattyd - Not the same Damp-Rid I used to get.

    This stuff is white chips. When it dissolves, there is something that looks brown or gray left where the chip was, some kind of impurity. This stuff is white.

  • Maria K. Todd - Missed this more than I realized

    When my old one (more than 10 years) died, I replaced it with this one. Same great product, two more speeds.

  • Sir Winston Peters - Is this a joke?

    Bought the product, received serial no. and activation key. Entered them, seemed to be working fine. A few days later it asks me to "register", otherwise I have 5 unregistered use left? WTF??? I bought the product and paid the money. Why do I need to register in order to use it? Was already frustrated having to register the product, then found out I cant even register because apparently the serial no. I have received was "wrong" IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE??? Now I'm left with some piece of junk sitting on my computer?