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    City: -118.2641 California, United States

  • RBMunkin - Absurd price for what you get, but...

    One reviewer said "The price point is quite high, sure, but it's simply asinine to rate a product based on that." Personally, I think THAT is asinine. But to each their own. Price is an inherent part of a product.

  • Brittany Powell - success!

    I have had great success with this shampoo and conditioner in growing stronger hair. It has a great scent and leaves my hair feeling clean.

  • sowhat - Christie Brinkley Recapture 360 night beauty

    c'mon people... if your concerned about lines on your face.. Go to a plastic surgeon and have injections of Juvaderm..this ain't going to do anything but make Brinkley richer. remember this "when your reproductive years are over, nature is thru with you" Then it's maintain and do the best you can with what you have

  • Jlup23 - Great for the Money!!

    Well I had some stains on my teeth and I definitely wanted them whiter. After reading the reviews on here I decided to try it and boy am I glad!! My stains were gone completely by the fourth day and my teeth are definitely whiter than before. I even had someone ask me how my teeth were so white. I dont think you are going to get those super super white teeth that you would get from a pro job but this def helps. For the money I think it does an excellent job. Its so easy to use, no sitting around with that nasty plastic stuff in your mouth or trays for 30-45 min. Just brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day. The tubes are small but you only use a pearl size amount of each. I havent noticed any tooth sensitivity yet and I have been using it almost a month. I would order it again and will prob order some for my hubby too.