Phen Q Review | The Fat Loss Supplement - PhenQ is a brand new formula of diet pills. Check out this review of it's ingredients, side effects, how it works versus Phen 375, and where to buy it.

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  • Side Effects of PhenQ | Phen Q Review - PhenQ is an FDA approved nutritional supplement and its formula is clinically sanctioned one. How this weight reducing formula works is really straightforward.

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  • Lilrihrih - Only good for its purpose..keeping the phone safe from water

    The case is good and does its job which is protecting your phone from getting wet, but the other features as far as still being able to talk, text and hear are not very good. I could hear everybody that called me, but they had a hard time hearing me. The plastic part of the case would get stuck to my phone screen which made it difficult for the phone to hang up, it stayed on the whole time, which drained my battery, I had to take the phone out of the case every time to end the call. It worked great to hold extra stuff, money, debit cards, credit cards, change, receipts..etc..and of course keeping the phone dry.

  • Nick W. - Awesome pc!

    Was looking for a computer that wasnt a high end gaming computer but still held its own. It had the bluetooth capabilitie and hdmi output i was looking for, perfect for home theater use. Works very well with bluetooth keyboard and wireless mouse. Asus really delivered on this Vivo pc, great product!

  • Agatha - Heat Helps

    If you have knee arthritis, you're well familiar with pain and stiffness. You also know that heat feels good- which is what this is device is all about. While it probably doesn't provide deep heat all the way down to the joint, the muscles sure get a healthy dose. Using infrared energy, this handy device will do several things for you:

  • Mom of four - going back to Norton

    bought this software at discount price on the advice of a friend that Norton was bad software and I believed him. All Access is no access as it doesn't work. Tried two times on there wonderful chat line to get the software to work. The first person actually took control of my computer and went through all these steps only to tell me I was going to have to uninstall it and reinstall it. Then step two, I had to use a removal software which I downloaded off the internet. Then I had to download the software and reinstall on my computer. That didn't work so I went back to the chat line and all that tech could tell me was my internet connection was too slow. Well if it was too slow how was I able to download it in the first place? I have never had this problem with Norton. In fact, I one time did have a problem with the internet and Norton sent me a disk free of charge. I am out 60 bucks and I'm done with McAfee.

  • hayley - Not recommended

    I purchased this book as a quick review for the TEAS V. I have already taken my nursing prerequisites and have a BS in science, and purchased this book as a refresher for any basics that I may have forgotten. Having said that, I would not recommend this book if you are unsteady in any of your basics, or are having trouble with one of the sections. This book was very vague in regards to some of the body systems that it covered, and asked questions that it did not cover in detail or give explanations for. What I would like to primarily note, however, is the number of situations where I found or read misinformation on a topic. This book did not just contain typos, but completely incorrect information. The most blatant was in the science section. If you do not have a strong foundation and are trying to learn from one of the study guides, do not purchase this book because there is a strong possibility that you will learn the information incorrectly. The reading section was very close to what I came into contact with on the actual TEAS V, but the other section reviews were of much lower quality than what I would expect from a test prep company. Use the official study guide provided by ATI.