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Country:, North America, US

City: -122.0574 California, United States

  • Robert D - Light weight helmet

    Really like the how light this helmet is. Its about 150 grams lighter than my Rudy Project Sterling. The helmet fits well, seems a little lacking in the padding however. Have not had it on outside yet due to the amount of snow here.. I would recommend this helmet especially for the price I paid.

  • Amazon Customer - LOVED IT

    Loved every book . Great job im soo happy the baby end up being Ra's it made the perfect ending ! This all around was a excellent series of books!

  • Monique - Wow, what a book

    The fall, what a book. Nothing like Tina's other work, The Fall gives us a twisted story line that made us think and then delievered something else.

  • Asia Johnson - Cole World! :D

    This CD is amazing. J. Cole really stepped up and showed the world that you can rap about something of substance and not have to settle for low sales and mediocre radioplay. The album talks about appreciating the intangible things like love, friendship, and family instead money, cars, and clothes. Cole takes us on a journey back to 2014 Forest Hills Drive and lets us in on his struggles & successes there while still touching on relevant issues like the white-washing of hiphop and the myth that fame is a wonderland of good. Cole still stays true to his "Who Dat" days with bangers like "G.O.M.D." All in all I really love this album and I'm glad the first album I've ever actually purchased myself was his. Man, he is a talented artist, so ahead of his time even when he rhyme about the future he be reminiscing. #coleworld

  • C. N. Kratz - Insult to both Christianity and Science

    This is honestly one of the worst movies ever made. My boyfriend and I rented this film by mistake, thinking it was the recent 2012 blockbuster hit. This was anything but. The first 5-8 minutes were nothing but dramatic music and footage from a plane flying over a river. The acting was painful to watch and there were only about 20 total actors (background extras included) in the movie. The graphics were very, very cheesy and poorly done; if I didn't know better, I would've thought I was watching a skit from MadTV. The plot was not very believable. Most of the film praises Christianity but for some reason mixes Christian prophecy with Mayan prophecy. The 'science' in the movie seems like it was made up by a 12 year old-- I'm surprised the movie didn't mention the sun revolving around the earth; all the while the plot seems to subtly bash science and technology and praise religion (actually, I don't think "subtly" is the best word, maybe "explicitly"). I'm willing to bet that the person that wrote up the story for this movie failed both high school physics and biology then later went on to drop out of Bible College. It is supposed to be a Christian propaganda film, but it even fails at that; don't get me wrong, I myself am a woman of faith, but this movie was ludicrous at best and flat out blasphemous at worse. The quoted Bible verses in the movie are actually quoted wrong, being basically paraphrases of the actual verses with pieces of Old English here and there to make it seem legit. They also threw in a woman having a baby, and somehow that was supposed to save the world after the rapture(?)...yes, they added the rapture into this too. Everyone in the film was conveniently a Christian, aside from a paramedic who was an Atheist..of course, they stereotyped her as being a non-believer due to tragedy in the world and made her vehemently praise science and technology. Let me reiterate, they bash they very science and technology in this movie they fail to understand. They failed to understand science when they wrote this far-fetched story line and they failed to understand technology when they added in the atrocious computer graphics. Nevertheless, in addition to being of a horrible quality (that is, poor acting, substandard camera angles, bad lighting, God-awful computer graphics) it was also extremely preachy (about topics the creator of this film knew NOTHING about) and just a flat out insult to Christians, non-Christians, logical thinkers, and anyone with a high school education or higher. Its only redeeming quality is that it's good for a laugh.