Therapists Portland Oregon, Meditation - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Portland Mindfulness Therapy 503-222-2361, our therapists in Portland Oregon & meditation classes can help you take your life back in the direction you want.

  • Mindfulness Meditation Classes - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Looking for mindfulness meditation classes in Portland? Portland Mindfulness offers classes and workshops for every level of experience and interest.
  • Services - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Portland Mindfulness Therapy offers a range of counseling services to provide you with the assistance that you need.
  • Psychological Evaluations - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Portland Mindfulness Therapy provides psychological evaluations for a range of purposes, including: Cognitive/Diagnostic/Personality testing.
  • Adults Therapy - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Mindfulness-based therapy allows you to "go outside the box" to adults therapy & approach your problems or emotions in a different, more workable way.
  • Couples Therapy - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - At Portland Mindfulness Therapy, we teach mindfulness skills to couples, allowing improved communication, problem-solving, and coping.
  • Media - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Portland Mindfulness Therapy provides counseling services and education to our community and the media about a wide variety of mental health topics.
  • Books - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Here is a list of books arranged alphabetically by topic that represent a mindfulness-oriented point of view on the topics listed.
  • Links - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - This page has is a list of links which have been checked for minimum standards of quality. We hope you find them useful.
  • Science and Research - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Portland Mindfulness Therapy provides psychotherapies that have been shown to work in scientific research studies.
  • Press Room - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Portland Mindfulness' therapists are available to the press for comment on various topics relevant to psychology, psychotherapy, and mindfulness.
  • Publications - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Our therapists and counselors strive to provide information and publications to the community on various topics related to mindfulness and psychotherapy.
  • Speaking - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Part of our mission at Portland Mindfulness Therapy is to educate people about the benefits of mindfulness meditation through speaking engagements.
  • Therapy Videos - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Therapy Videos by Joe Rhinewine, PhD who calls himself a "hippie-scientist-psychologist." He says "watch the therapy videos and you'll get the picture."
  • About Portland Mindfulness - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - About: Portland Mindfulness Therapy is a therapy clinic and educational center dedicated to providing mindfulness–based services in the Portland, OR area.
  • Our Approach - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Our therapists and class instructors are specially trained in providing mindfulness-based therapy. Our approach: best psychotherapeutic treatments.
  • Practitioners - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - All of our therapists (practitioners) are committed to a mindfulness-based model of therapy, & licensed pro-therapists or therapists with advanced degrees.
  • Joseph Rhinewine - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Joseph Rhinewine, PhD's primary treatment approach is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which is a kind of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).
  • Kathleen Gleason - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Kathleen Gleason, MA has been practicing Contemplative Psychotherapy since 2009 including six years of experience providing mental health services & more.
  • FAQs - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - FAQs page about Portland Mindfulness Therapy, their classes, Mindfulness-based therapy, and their therapists.
  • Blog - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Latest blog entries from Portland Mindfulness Therapy. Need some free advice from a professional therapist? Then visit often or subscribe via RSS.
  • Contact - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Contact Portland Mindfulness Therapy today! We offer services in three locations to offer maximal flexibility to clients.
  • Directions - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - Directions to Portland Mindfulness Therapy at their Downtown, Lake Oswego & Manzanita Offices with Google Maps.
  • Do I Need Therapy? - Portland Mindfulness Therapy - I'm guessing most people in this country at one time or another have at least considered getting some professional help, some therapy or counseling.

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