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  • Legal Eagle - Terribly Embarrassing Experience.

    Toppik melts and drips if you perspire, and turns blue. The 2 times I used it, a blue line dripped down onto my face. It is very hard to remove with soap from one's skin. And unless you constantly look in the mirror, how do you know if your face has turned blue? For this reason, the product is just awful.

  • Michael Moskowitz - The screen is great, the machine is fast--like really fast

    For the money, this is kind of hard to beat. The screen is great, the machine is fast--like really fast. You flip the lid open and it's up and running with virtually no boot up time. Pretty impressive. When you take into account that most of us spend 99% of our time on the internet AND all of the best productivity programs (Google docs, Microsoft Word) are already available as online web programs, there is really very little reason to use a dedicated desktop/laptop for most users unless you need proprietary software (i.e. autocad, video/audio editing, etc..) and more raw processing power. I really can't think of any cons at this price. The only one being some additional steps you need to take to set up a virtual Google printer. Keyboard is good, unit is light yet feels sturdy and the dedicated chrome keys are cool. I'm getting another one for my office.

  • Josh Gormally - There's no better drafting tool than AutoCAD

    I am a landscape designer and this software as been invaluable. There's no better drafting tool than AutoCAD!

  • Jenny - these are the best Bluetooth headphones that I have found

    Hands down, these are the best Bluetooth headphones that I have found, so far. They are comfortable, stay in my ears, connect to my iPhone easily, and are easy to control. The charging port is easy to access and they charge quickly (1.5 hours). I can place my phone in my pocket and there is no interference with the connection like other brands. Overall, I am very happy with these headphones.

  • K. Bennett - Did nothing for me

    I've been taking 2 or 3 pills per day for almost one month. I don't have any more energy and I have not lost a pound. The only good thing about these pills is no noticable side effects.

  • Natalee - Authentic, Attractive, and Super Comfortable

    I love Nike Air Max 360 's and have worn them for years. In my opinion, no other shoe even comes close to the level of comfort and cushion that they provide. They are true to size and very attractive. If you can find a combination of style and color that you like, you are guaranteed to love these shoes. It will feel like you are walking on a cloud because the 360 air bubble provides so much shock absorbance. They are well worth the money and each pair I have bought has lasted me for years. These are authentic Nike's and I am super happy with my purchase.

  • Brett K. - Great

    If this is required reading for college the professor could have chosen worse book. It nicely lays out each important president and their changes to the statue quo. It give great insight into how each president viewed the presidency often along ideological and historic line.