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  • Keith Prim - I like Pimsieur Approach to learn Spanish

    The program is easy to use and structured well not only for memorization but actually learning the language. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn the language

  • starla - Love the advent calendar, hate the price

    I have purchased two lego advent calendars every year for my two sons except last year, and I won't be purchasing them this year. When I started buying them when my kids were younger, they were 19.99, and sometimes you could find them on sale for 14.99!! I think they are very overpriced, even for lego. I think when they became so popular, lego bumped up the price because they knew people would still buy them. That is sad. Anyway, we are moving on to other things.

  • Drew V - rated one of best anti-virus of 2014

    Since purchasing the initial 3 licenses for $9.99, I have bought 6 more licenses at $20 and $21. I didn't even realize what a good deal $9.99 was at the time. Anyway, its a solid product, light of system resources, and has lots of protection. The only drawback I can think of is that once you activate the first copy, the other two activation begins also. So once you install one, install the other two ASAP for max value.

  • A. Riddick - My dog did NOT like it, no matter how gently I attempted to ...

    It's literally just a serrated blade glued to a block of wood. My dog did NOT like it, no matter how gently I attempted to brush him. My cat's reaction was similar. Still gets 3 stars because it gets dog hair out my couch, rugs, and car really well. Just sucks to pay 15 bucks for essentially a cleaning tool.

  • D. Wells - Barely edible.

    I ordered these based on all the great reviews, but I have to say that they are certainly not the best. Maybe I just got a bad batch, but they are very, very salty. Now, having said that, I like quite a bit of salt, my husband likes very little. The first batch I fixed, I thought they were extremely salty, and he thought they were inedible. The few pouches I have fixed since then have seemed to be a little less salty than the first one, or maybe I just got used to it. But, the overall taste is just not that great, and neither of us want to eat them unless we have gravy or something to cover them up. Since I only make gravy about once a month, it will take quite some time to get through the entire box. Since I am not rich, I feel like I have to use them all instead of just throwing them out.

  • owlwise - folder

    This folder is everything a cardboard coin container should be; it holds the coins very well. It certainly suits my needs, as it probably would for most casual coin collectors.