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  • jt1188 - Yesssssssss!!!!!

    My goodness, I loooooooooooooove this ab belt. I had a slendertone abdominal toning belt before and I didn't care for it as it felt like it was shocking me more than stimulating muscle contractions. Well, the Flex Belt is awesome! I have multiple back issues that make it difficult and unpleasant/ painful to train my abs, and I was frustrated because the rest of my body in quite toned. Well, this belt is the answer. I only got up to level 80 on the advanced setting so far and I was sore the next day. Now, let me be clear, this will not make you loose weight, but it will tone, tighten, and build your abdominal muscles without doing sit ups. You will still need to eat right and do cardiovascular exercise to burn off the fat covering your new toned abs. Also, keep in mind the more fat you have covering your abs, the higher the level you will need to use to get the electrical signal to penetrate through the fat to the muscle. Just thought I would mention that in case someone with a bit of weight to loose buys it and wonders why the can almost max out the setting when the first start. The less fat you have the more effective the belt will be. I love it. In fact, I just realized I could be using it now as I write this review lol.

  • Martha Garcia - Counterfeit

    I also believe this is a counterfeit product. I received a sample in my birch box and it left my hair perfect. After using this product for a few weeks I can tell that this is not the same product.

  • Amazon Customer - Software Glitch Tripled My Power Bill

    While away on vacation over the Thanksgiving holiday, my Nest unit experienced a software glitch and was disconnected from my WiFi network, then froze in menu mode for more than 10 days and ran almost contiuously. I contacted Nest Support and after an hour of trouble shooting, they requied me to download new software via the web and update the unit via USB cable. The Nest unit finally returned to normal, however my power bill arrived 2 weeks later and had spiked to more than 3X its average. Upon a 2nd call to Nest Support and a 1 hr long runaround from the support agent who proceeded to tell me "tough luck on the software failure, but there's nothing we can to do about it," I was finally transfered to a supervisor who admitied there was an anomoly and initiated an engineering analysis of the unit. I am still waiting for the issue to be resolved and am dissappointed in the support staff's response to my issue. When a company markets a product to efficiently control more than half a home's energy usage and then fails to meet the promise, I'd like to see them take responsiblity without first trying to pass the buck.