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  • George Nelson - 100 CRAZY stories. seriously.

    about 2/3 of the stories make no sense at all or have a beginning and middle but no end. the messages are questionable. title should be "100 fun stories BY 4-8 year olds"

  • P. Collins - Quality Constructions Sets This Apart From The Competition

    First off this unit arrived with what I would consider to be less than desired protection in the way of packaging and shipping carton. Still the unit was not damaged in any away and all function seems to be unaffected. So far all I have been able to do is test this item for performance as I will be mostly using this in the summer and fall for travel. The batteries work as well as expected and the charger was able to charge the included batteries in every way I tested including charging from USB from a wall adapter (not included) and from the computer. I also tested the charging function with the solar panel on a rare sunny day in January in WV when I was at work and I was surprised to see how well the panel worked. I was even able to charge my iPhone 5 direct from the solar panel but mostly tested with the battery pack inline between the solar panel and the phone. I like this new design better for the structure of the net style storage compartment behind the panel shielding the device you are charging directly from the sun. My only complaint and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that the panel does have a unpleasant odor out of the box though I hope that will dissipate over time.

  • Yemi Sobowale - "Story" Horrible, Process information- Great!

    Got this for my MBA class. The "story" elements in the book were horrible, and this book should've been 50-75 pages shorter. However, the information regarding process improvement is decent, which is why I gave three stars. I would recommend only reading if you have to for a class.

  • Joshua - Much much better than I expected

    Much much better than I expected: High Quality sound, seemless connection via BT, confortable fit around my ears, 100% waterproof, Noise Cancelling. Plan to get a ouple more as gifts for famimly members.

  • lizaliz86 - Tastes so bad :(

    I really wanted to love this... but it's so gross. I love the VegaOne shakes and I wanted to try this brand out for the Cookies N Cream and even with added milk and bananas it's near impossible to put down :( So sad! I bought a huge thing too!

  • Amazon Customer - They are lies don't waste money

    Don't work at all. Hubby has short hair we used this for 3 days in a row while also using other methods to "cleanse" his hair. He tested negative. So sorry if you believe all the positive reviews. They are lies don't waste money

  • Iceberg - a little too late...

    I sure wish I had read this book back in April of 1912.. I probably would have saved a few thousands of peoples lives that cold night in the middle of the ocean! Sincere apologies to the victims of RMS Titanic.