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  • Mark Bretschneider - We now have room to walk in our walk-in closet

    I was losing ground in my war of the closets. My wife's sweaters had taken over, it seems like they are multiplying like rabbits. First one shelf then another shelf and a third till there was no more room for my ties with shoelaces. That's all the room that was left over for me. I had to do something as not only was this a space issue, it was a war of the dominant sexes, and I had to win so I resorted to technical weaponry. I went online and found these vacuum space saver bags and ordered them. They came quite promptly as I am an Amazon prime member. Well, a peace treaty was signed, with stipulations that would employ the space-saving bags to store her sweaters. It was so easy, you placed the sweaters in the bag, use the vacuum pump that's included to suck all the air out and reduce the size of the pile of sweaters, and then place them on the shelf. Well, we cleared about a third of the closet which is all I needed. The bags work well, and are easy-to-use and are cost competitive with other brands. I like the fact that you get 15 bags and the pump. It just seems like ordering one or two bags is a waste as you don't accomplish much. The bags are thick and seal well and should last quite a while. I think we will also use a couple of them to reduce space in our suit cases when we travel. I like them and will give them a four-star rating and recommendation for you to get some if your closet is becoming a nightmare.

  • Gabriel Amaro - Save time and void anguish

    1 click optimization is great. It has all the features needed to keep computer running smoothly. I used it for 2 machines so I save having to buy another one.