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  • Madeleine M. East - Wow. Just Wow!!

    Another amazing book by the awesome Willow Winters & Lauren Landish. These two women collaborate so well together. Great storyline. Keeps you hooked from the beginning. Not a dull moment. Elle is sweet & Liam is a sexy alpha male. There is a HEA.

  • ShopperinCO - Good Case, Very Sturdy

    This case does add quite a bit of bulk and weight to the thin and light iPhone 7 Plus, however I feel that it provides substantial protection for the phone and the phone fits securely in the case. No fear of it falling out. Also it can fit three credit cards comfortably and the magnet is powerful and latches securely, so the cards will not fall out. Even if the magnet accidentally pops open, the cards fit in a plastic holder within the case that is also quite secure. I also bought the magnetic car mount suggested by Amazon when you order this case (different vendor), and the phone sits securely on that and doesn't slide or fall down, even on bumpy roads. The stand works nicely as well; the phone doesn't droop or fall.

  • samantha a mercer - Saved me from needing fertility treatment

    I have pcos and was not ovulating previous to taking ovasital. I started taking ovasital as a last ditch effort while waiting to start fertility treatment after a Leep procedure. I took ovasital for a little over two weeks and ovulated for the first time in about a year. After ovulating I had a positive pregnancy test :) I recently gave birth and have started taking ovasital again to manage my pcos symptoms. I can't attest to how it helps anything other than ovulation since I didn't need to take it very long the first time but I definitely think this is a good product for those with pcos.

  • HOUSE ARTHUR - Five Stars

    I like this but my concerns involve the fact that it doesn't have a SIM card again not expected to but I had to go get one and a memory card. The Bluetooth works quite well but to use it solely as a dial phone you need to SIM card.

  • Imakandy - Recomended for Beginners!

    Good for beginers! a rare card for each element and mine brings 1 M15 Booster, 1 Journey into nyx and 2 Born from gods boosters. very very very good quality! i just get 2 foils and 1 Mythic rare. it's ok.... Recomended 100% but just once, if you buy other you probably will get the same exactly cards. so beware...

  • Jay Gillespie - It's working

    I have had two pain issues to deal with: 1) no L5S1 disc which for years has resulted in significant lower back pain, and 2) osteoarthritis of both hips, most notably my left, last x-ray in February 2016 with the recommendation of immediate hip surgery which will only be done as a last ditch resort.

  • Amazon Customer - My blackhead removers came packaged great in the mail

    I have heard and seen them before and I even watched some you tube videos to see similar products and tools in action.yes it's gross in a way but I wanted to see what they were all about. My blackhead removers came packaged great in the mail, the product came as described in the descriptions I really like that the blackhead removers come in a zippered case and each tool has its own elastic to hold in in place in the pouch. The tools themselves are very sturdy and professional looking. This set comes with instructions and the tools vary in size and use. All the pieces are made of strong stainless steel and they all look made for medical practitioners like doctors. I still have not used it on my face yet but looking forward to give it a try once I have something on my face. Even though I have not used it, I highly recommend it based on how it looks and the quality of its materials. Finally, the directions do explain what each instrument is used for and how to use. Each instrument has its own use. One is for removal of blackheads, one is for whiteheads. There is an instrument with a sharp point for extraction of a deeper one. There is a longer one for use on body extremities like back arms, neck and back. The loops are for different sizes of blemishes and types. It is all explained in the directions.