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  • P Consultant - scared straight

    I was going to upgrade to 2011. Went on line to order it, read the reviews and was so scared by the vendor issue, storage issue, fees, pop up ads and messages, etc. that I have decided not to upgrade. I will have my admin assitant research and install alternate software for my consulting business. My accounting firm expressed many of the same frustrations, just wanted to confirm them for myself. This information makes Microsoft seem like good guys!

  • Pecos Bill - The glue to use when other glues just don't work

    This is not an easy glue to use. Be sure to read the directions, especially the part about needing moisture to get it rolling. If some other type of glue can do the job, you might want to try that first. It's also best if you have a way to clamp the pieces together for a couple of hours.