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  • Train - Way better detail and color reproduction

    So I didn't buy mine here as they don't have anyone carrying the 40" model but felt compelled to write a review. This TV is absolutely incredible. I also bought a 4K Vizio 40" and hooked them up side by side and steamed the exact same 4k video. I do realize that this tv is not 4K but it blew the supposed 4K Vizio out of the water. Way better detail and color reproduction. It makes lower rex source material look way better too. Smart remote is nice and the menus are intuitive. All and all, very happy with my purchase. Highly recommend this set, in whatever size you choose.

  • Mr Mouse - Helps Curb Itch...

    Been using this for years for an allergic itch I get on my feet after any weekend of drinking... I know it sounds weird, but it helps curb the itch for me in my situation, so give it a try for yours - whatever it might be...

  • marcia - I love this product it's amazing I've been using this soap ...

    I love this product it's amazing I've been using this soap now over 3 months and it's taking away almost all of the discoloration on. my face

  • shakiofborg (Professor and product tester extraordinaire... ) - Sweet Manna from Heaven

    Received this as a gift (purchased with a giftcard) and was pleasantly surprised with the quality, quantity, and results! I have wavy/curly, coarse latino hair that is extremely hard to manage and moisturize. Marrakesh is magic! I still have to use heat products to eliminate all frizz, but this stuff really helps.