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  • Faolin's mom - Best car seat ever.

    This is the best purchase for extended rear facing. My two year old has her legs almost straight when she sits in this seat. A huge improvement over the Britax and Diono where her knees were squashed and in her face. It is very heavy and solid. The listing said 2014 but the seat I received was made in 2015. Very happy with this seat and I would not hesitate to buy it again.

  • Mikhail O. - Great looking bike

    Great looking bike, received it within a week. Im not sure why people complain about the wobbly wheels, mine came out fine. Must have gotten lucky. Tires were a bit funky, so I replaced them with continental gator shells. Bike is fast, rides smooth and, shifts well. Its a pretty sexy looking bike too, I had to wait for my faghettaboutit mini ubolt to get here before I could lock it up. Im a newbie, and if you are too get this bike youll treasure it. At least until you run it into the ground like I plan to.