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  • Couldn't be more disappointed in a product after 50 years of life! - Worst purchase I have ever made in 50 years of life!

    I purchased the Dinair airbrush system along with extra make up. After the first use the system clogged up after just 1/2 of one side of my face. I took it apart, cleaned it all out and five minutes into the the next try it was clogged up again. I am so frustrated at this point so I decided to write Dinair for an inquiry about returning the product. I sent that request on July 7th, it is Sept. 5th and I have yet to receive a reply. I have no faith in this company so I will not waste my time trying to pursue them for satisfaction just to be neglected which would lead to total frustration. I have chalked this up to one of the most expensive failed purchases of my life! After 50 years, I can say this is the worst purchase I have ever made, with the absolute worst level of satisfaction and customer service possible. I really don't know how they stay in business. There is a star rating required to leave the feedback so I will give one star but I want to give no stars because in my opinion they never deserved a single star. I would not recommend purchasing the Dinair Airbrush System! Run away from this site and don't look back and consider yourself fortunate you were not one of us with a faulty system with nowhere to turn for assistance!

  • K. Schweighauser - Awful Experience - A Complete Nightmare

    Immediately on installation of this product my system started downloading adware without my permission. Nothing I did could stop it. After downloading fifteen separate adware programs on to my system, my computer crashed. I restarted the system but was completely unable to get online - every time I tried, my browser was hijacked to an adware site trying to either sell me something or get me to download even more garbage on my system. I tried removing the unwanted programs from my system through Windows but wasn't able to remove them all. I tried contacting McAfee but they wanted $150 in order to fix my system (which they insisted couldn't have been harmed by their product).